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Donald Trump Jr. slams Mike Bloomberg's debate performance: 'You can't buy personality'

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Trump Organization executive vice president Donald Trump, Jr. reacts to Michael Bloomberg and the Democratic debate. Donald Trump Jr. ripped former New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg's performance in Wednesday night's Democratic debate, telling "Hannity" on Thursday that the 78-year-old media mogul dumped millions of dollars into his campaign for naught. "Mike Bloomberg can buy a lot, but you can't buy personality, Sean," the president's eldest son said in an interview at the site of his father's rally in Colorado Springs, Colo. "It's not that he didn't know the questions were coming," added Trump Jr., noting that Bloomberg was repeatedly hit with questions over past remarks about women and minorities, as well as his embrace of controversial criminal justice policies while New York City's mayor Trump Jr. said his father, the president, has a "natural talent" that connects with working people, no matter how full his bank account is. He added that Bloomberg's 2016 comments about agriculture and farmers were disrespectful and insulting and proved he cannot interact with the average American.

Devin Nunes slams Bloomberg over remarks about farming: He thinks it's 'like buying a Chia Pet from Walmart'

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Rep. Devin Nunes, R-Calif., who grew up raising cattle on his family's dairy farm, responded Tuesday to former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg's comments about the alleged simplicity of farming. Speaking with Sean Hannity from Tulare County, Calif., where agriculture is a vital part of the economy, Nunes said that Bloomberg is oversimplifying the work done by the economy's agricultural sector. "This is the San Joaquin Valley. We're the breadbasket of the solar system, we like to say. Three hundred different crops grow here. And it takes a hell of a lot of experience to do it, generations of farmers. "Mike Bloomberg seems to think that this is just like buying a Chia Pet at Walmart and turning some water on it," Nunes added. "That's not how this works." In remarks at Oxford University's Saïd Business School in November of 2016, Bloomberg told an audience that he could "teach anybody to be a farmer." You dig a hole, put a seed in, put dirt on top, add water, up comes the corn," he said flippantly.

Future farmer's message to Mike Bloomberg: 'Do your research'

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Laurabeth Bland responds to Mike Bloomberg's controversial comments about the agricultural industry on'Fox & amp; Friends Weekend.' A University of Georgia student says she needed to speak out after listening to 2020 presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg's controversial comments on the agricultural industry. Laurabeth Bland said Saturday on "Fox & Friends" that she was surprised by Bloomberg's newly unearthed comments making light of the industry. "I felt like I -- as an agriculturalist myself -- I felt like I needed to take a stance and make sure that someone was informing the public that that is not the reality of American farmers today," said Bland, who wrote an open letter rebutting Bloomberg. "I felt very obligated that I needed to make sure that our voices were being heard, because oftentimes I feel like we are very overlooked in the light of the media," she added.

Sean Hannity blasts 'mini farmer' Mike Bloomberg's insanely expensive campaign

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'Hannity' host Sean Hannity hits billionaire Michael Bloomberg where it hurts the most: in the wallet. In his opening monologue Tuesday night, "Hannity" host Sean Hannity blasted former three-term New York City mayor and billionaire Michael Bloomberg for his insanely expensive marketing campaign and his left-wing ties. As 2020 Democrats are poised to take the debate stage in Nevada Wednesday evening, Hannity said Bloomberg didn't win his spot fair and square. Bloomberg, the wealthiest candidate in the race, despite competition from billionaire Tom Steyer, has picked up steam in recent weeks after aggressively pouring more than $300 million of his own money into TV advertising alone to drum up support in Super Tuesday states. He is reportedly worth $53.4 billion as of 2019, according to The Forbes 400 Bloomberg's upcoming debate debut drew criticism from detractors who accused the Democratic National Committee of relaxing one of their criteria, which calls for a candidate to have a certain number of donors to qualify for the debate, in order to include Bloomberg.

Farmers blame Biden for 'promoting division' with billions in COVID-19 relief for non-Whites

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Sara Carter speaks with'forgotten' Tennessee farmers in a'Hannity' exclusive The $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief package enacted last week by President Biden includes billions of dollars in debt relief and other assistance for farmers of color. However, the incorporation of race-based criteria is leaving other farmers scratching their heads. "I'm sorry, but I was raised to not see color and not to see race, but to see the character and the person's heart," Tennesse farmer Kelly Griggs told Sara Carter in a "Hannity" exclusive Monday. "That's how I was raised, that's how the farming community sees each other. "The government has basically said'OK, this is what we are doing, whether you like it or not'," she continued. "Because farmers throughout the years, that's what we've had to take.