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HPE holds off Cisco for cloud infrastructure top spot


Findings from Synergy Research Group have HPE as the number one provider in the cloud infrastructure equipment market, narrowly outperforming Cisco over the course of 2015. Total revenues for the cloud infrastructure equipment segment reached over 60 billion in 2015, with HPE accounting for just over 12%, and Cisco just under. Dell, Microsoft and IBM complete the top five, each controlling about 7% market share. "There continues to be particularly impressive growth in the public cloud infrastructure market as AWS and other cloud operators are having tremendous success in attracting enterprises to their ever-expanding range of service offerings," said Jeremy Duke, Synergy Research Group's founder. "But enterprises too are buying ever-larger volumes of infrastructure to support their private or hybrid cloud deployments.

Infographic: Amazon Dominates Public Cloud Market


The Federal Trade Commission (FTC), which has been looking into Amazon's dominant position in the e-commerce market in recent months, has reportedly broadened its investigation of possible anti-competititve behavior to include Amazon Web Services, the company's highly successful cloud division. According to people familiar with the matter, the FTC is trying to figure out whether Amazon is discriminating against software companies that work with other cloud providers by favoring those that exclusively work with AWS. Having established itself as an early leader in the market for cloud infrastructure, Amazon Web Services (AWS), the online retailer's profitable cloud platform, is still ahead of the pack. According to estimates from Synergy Research Group, Amazon's market share in the public cloud infrastructure market amounted to 39 percent in the second quarter of 2019, more than the combined market share of its four largest competitors. "It has taken just eight quarters for the public IaaS and PaaS markets to double in size and our forecast shows them doubling in size again over the next eleven quarters," said John Dinsdale, a Chief Analyst at Synergy Research Group.

AWS Remains Dominant Player in Growing Cloud Market, SRG Reports


Amazon Web Services (AWS) remains the 800-pound gorilla of the cloud infrastructure services space that itself witnessed significant growth in 2018. In fact, a new report from Synergy Research Group found that AWS controlled as much of the $70 billion-per-year market at the end of last year as its next four smaller rivals combined. The SRG data showed that market spend increased 45 percent year over year during the final three months of 2018, with full-year growth hitting 48 percent. Quarterly growth rates for all of 2018 exceeded that of 2017. The overall market hit around $20 billion in sales for Q4, and nearly $70 billion for the year.

AWS showed no signs of slowing down in 2017


AWS had a successful year by any measure. The company continued to behave like a startup with the kind of energy and momentum to invest in new areas not usually seen in an incumbent with a significant marketshare lead.

IBM's Cloud Position: Two Different Assessments WSJD - Technology

IBM -0.97 % has touted the rapid growth of its cloud-computing business. But a pair of recent industry reports drew sharply different assessments of whether it is running with or losing ground to rivals The reports from Gartner Inc. IT -1.22 % and Synergy Research Group underscore IBM's challenge in adjusting to cloud computing but also persistent ambiguity in definitions of the cloud market. Gartner's report, issued last week, was the latest of its closely watched "Magic Quadrant" ratings that are deeply researched but ultimately subjective. It ranked companies in the cloud-computing market segment generally known as infrastructure as a service, delivering computing horsepower on demand through the internet.