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13 Influencers Predict Content Marketing Trends for 2018 Digital Current


Content marketing done well becomes the basis for all other marketing and advertising functions within an organization. It's the key to forming relationships with customers in an increasingly distracted world. The content your customers consume tells you a lot about what they want. The relationships you build deliver valuable data and insights that shape your overall messaging and, even beyond marketing, influence your product development and business strategy.

5 Steps Retailers can take to Combat the Retail Crisis


If you don't have an email list, build up a subscriber following on Facebook Messenger – yes FB Messenger. Red dot reason 2. Build that subscriber list by targeting your competitor's followers on Twitter and Facebook. Then, create an Amazon page and if you don't have one a robust and optimized ecommerce site on your website 4. Create a 24/7 chatbot using Manychat to answer questions and help sell your product. 5. Put interested Messenger subscribers in follow up sequence (similar to email drip campaigns) Yes this is new, but this is an awesome ecommerce tactic that willput you 2 years in front of your competition. Think about being an early expert in email marketing and how those doing ecommerce crushed it. We create digital marketing campaigns that drive revenue and massive awareness for your company.

AI, chatbots, live streaming and seven more social media trends for 2017


After I was more comfortable with Facebook I joined Twitter. But I noticed the same behaviour – obsession. This intersection of people and technology was resonating with our tribal curiosity and creativity. Technology was becoming more human. Then the smart phone was added to the mix.

Conversations with Chatbots


As a marketer, I am always looking for ways to ease my daily tasks. In the midst of researching a project, I stumbled on a little Chatbot. He introduced himself as a friendly marketing bot willing to answer my marketing questions. I promptly installed him on my Slack channel and put him to work. Before I begin, let me tell you what Chatbots are.