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Top 5 E-Commerce Startups Changing The Fashion Industry


The e-commerce has always been a much talked about subject in the venture world. It is a dear playground for the investors, in their quest for the next successful e-commerce startup.

Smartphones concentrate e-commerce activity in Brazil


Most e-commerce activity in major retail events such as Black Friday in Brazil has taken place via smartphones, according to research on consumer trends online. In November 2021, 67% of visits to e-commerce websites in Brazil happened via the mobile devices, the research by Brazilian SEO firm Conversion has found. The study noted this a trend set to gather pace as fast mobile broadband becomes more accessible to Brazilian consumers in the largest e-commerce websites in the country. On the other hand, the study has found that a third of visits to e-commerce websites still take place via desktops. Numbers on e-commerce activity via tablet devices have been built into the mobile statistics.

How Artificial Intelligence Will Shape E-Commerce


During a time when major retailers and malls are permanently closing their doors, and experiential popups by e-commerce brands are reigning supreme, there are far less traditional opportunities for startup brands to get noticed. Currently, the market is swinging in favor of those who have the highest digital marketing budgets (especially when it comes to paid acquisition on social media), so to launch a consumer brand is infinitely more difficult than it was even a year ago.

Amazon Dominates E-Commerce, But The Fashion Industry Is A Tricky Beast

International Business Times

Amazon's share price set a record Tuesday when it briefly rose to $1,000, the New York Times reported. The tech giant has become one of the top power players in e-commerce, so much so the Atlantic reported Amazon is "eating retail." A study by Slice Intelligence suggests Amazon was responsible for 53 percent of all online sales growth across the United States. "Our goal is to make Amazon the best place to buy fashion online," a spokesperson for Amazon told Business Of Fashion. Yet Amazon faces several obstacles as it sidles into the fashion industry.

Indian e-commerce market set to touch $230bn by 2028 - Express Computer


The Indian e-commerce marketsize is likely to reach $230 billion in a decade as it's outpacing the offline retail segment's growth, according to a report. "The Indian e-commerce market is outpacing the offline retail growth and is expected to touch $230 billion by 2028. India is at the cusp of a massive online boom, fueled by low data tariffs, affordable smartphones and growing Internet usage," the report by the E-Commerce Council of India (TECI) and ChannelPlay said. According to the report, another 40-50 crore shoppers are expected to come online in 10 years, joining the nearly 10 crore online shoppers in India. "E-commerce in India has grown beyond the first wave of metro consumers in tier-I cities. It is now rapidly adding millions of buyers from tier-II, III cities and beyond," it said.