Cleveland Clinic lays out its health IT strategy for future


The Cleveland Clinic's plans for the future will depend on digital platforms such as telemedicine, data analytics and artificial intelligence, as the $8 billion healthcare organization looks beyond its core electronic health record system capabilities, according to new president and CEO Tom Mihaljevic, MD.

Cleveland Clinic Says Accused Doc's Prescribing There Was OK

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Cleveland Clinic finds no concerns with prescribing practices of a former doctor there who is now accused of ordering potentially fatal doses of painkillers for dozens of patients at a different hospital.

Cleveland Clinic launches Center for Clinical Artificial Intelligence


Cleveland Clinic has launched a center to advance the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in health care. The Center for Clinical Artificial Intelligence will focus on developing innovative clinical applications of AI and leveraging machine-learning technology in hopes of improving health care delivery in areas such as diagnostics, disease prediction and treatment planning, according to a news release. Launched by Cleveland Clinic Enterprise Analytics, the center aims to foster collaboration and communication between physicians, researchers and data-scientists; offer programmatic and technology support for AI initiatives at the Clinic; and conduct research in several areas of medicine, according to the release. "Cleveland Clinic has formed the Center for Clinical Artificial Intelligence to translate AI-based concepts into clinical tools that will improve patient care and advance medical research," said Dr. Aziz Nazha, director of the new center and associate medical director for AI, in a prepared statement. The center will facilitate collaboration among physicians, researchers, computer scientists and statisticians across the United States and around the world, as well as between academia and industry, to advance the application of AI in health care.

Cleveland Clinic fires resident after online threat to give Jews 'wrong meds' surfaces

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Lara Kollab has been identified as the fired Cleveland Clinic employee behind anti-Semitic comments that appeared on social media, a report said. A Cleveland hospital has fired a resident over anti-Semitic comments and threats to give the Jewish people "the wrong meds" surfaced on social media. Lara Kollab was identified as the fired employee behind the comments. She worked as a supervised resident at the Cleveland Clinic from July to September, "She is no longer working at Cleveland Clinic. In no way do these beliefs reflect those of our organization. We fully embrace diversity, inclusion and a culture of safety and respect across our entire health system," the Cleveland Clinic said in a statement posted online.

Cleveland Clinic Family Doctor Goes Full Anti-Vaccine

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Right in the middle of flu season, a medical director board-certified in family medicine is using the Cleveland Clinic platform to harmfully spread misinformation about vaccine that can reduce people's risk of a life-threatening illness. By the end of his rant, this family doctor has employed a half dozen anti-vaccine arguments that dangerously misinform readers and undermine the credibility of the Cleveland Clinic. I have reached out to Cleveland Clinic for comment -- I am hoping they were unaware of this post and will be removing it -- but since it is a weekend, I have not yet heard back. Statements made by our physician do not reflect the position of Cleveland Clinic." However, the Clinic did not disavow the statements, and the piece, published in a local outlet, uses the Clinic logo.]