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Lawyer: 'Defecating' School Chief Wants to Correct Record

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The 42-year-old Tramaglini is charged with public defecation, lewdness and littering. Authorities say he was caught last week following an early morning run at Holmdel High School's athletic facilities. Police said staff members were watching to see who was leaving human feces on the property on a regular basis.

Oregon State Bar Investigates Unlicensed School Lawyer

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The Oregon State Bar has launched an investigation into the general counsel for Portland Public Schools to see if he illegally practiced law by serving as the district's top lawyer while unlicensed in the state.

Lawyer Urges Release of Florida Shooting Suspect's Brother

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An attorney for the brother of Florida school shooting suspect Nikolas Cruz said in court papers Thursday that a $500,000 bond for trespassing at the school is excessive and that the brother should be released from jail.

The Latest: Lawyer: School Suicide Ruling Will Save Lives

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Attorney Jeffrey Beeler said in a statement that they are disappointed the court found MIT cannot be held responsible for Han Nguyen's death. But he praised the court for finding that schools can be liable for student suicides in some circumstances.