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Typhoon Mangkhut: Illegal mining linked to landslides

Al Jazeera

A grim wait for dozens of people still missing continues, after super Typhoon Mangkhut tore through the Philippines burying dozens of people under a massive landslide. At least 81 people have been killed and the death toll continues to rise. Recovery operations are underway but they are proving extremely difficult, especially in a region where infrastructure has always been a major challenge. Decades of unrestrained mining has made many areas of this mountain-range precarious and dangerous, leading environmental activists blaming the illegal mining for the landslides. Al Jazeera's Jamela Alingogan reports from Itogon, decades of unrestrained mining has made these tragedies all too common.

Kodak slaps its name on a sketchy bitcoin mining business


Kodak's attempt to ride the cryptocurrency wave isn't just limited to offering its own virtual coins. CES attendees have learned that Kodak has attached its name to a Spotlite-run bitcoin mining business that will lease you a "Kodak KashMiner" computer for a 2-year contract. It'll cost you $3,400 plus half of the value the machines earn, but Spotlite argues that it's effectively a license to print money. If you believe the company's math, you'd be paid $375 per month if bitcoin maintains an average price of $14,000. However, there's just one problem: the math ignores the very nature of how bitcoin works.

27 free data mining books


I've received an unsolicited email today from Pedro Marcus, from DataOnFocus. While usually I don't even open them due to the volume that I get each day, this one was actually very interesting, thus I'm sharing it with you.

Luxembourg Boldly Goes Into Asteroid Mining

National Geographic

The first resource to be mined will be ice, to provide water for the space industry. "Water plays a profound role in so many activities in space--and it will be far less expensive to produce it there than to bring it up from Earth," said Chris Lewicki, Planetary Resources chief executive.

Luxembourg Boldly Goes Into Asteroid Mining

National Geographic

"There is one vital difference between gambling and investing. You cannot logically explain why, for example, a given set of cards turned out in a game of poker, but you can work backwards and explain why a stock had to fall. And I think here there is a trap is for unwitting investors. Because the past can be analysed and explained, we think the future can be too." Either Elon Musk does it and electric becomes mainstream or he doesn't quite get there and someone else will follow the template.