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Cameras with Artificial Intelligence to monitor railway kitchens -- here's how it works


In its ongoing effort to ensure quality food reaches passengers travelling on trains, the Indian Railways has equipped 16 of its base kitchens with high definition CCTVs to track anomalies, in real-time, during the cooking and packaging of meals. The camera feed is routed to an Artificial Intelligence module set up at IRCTC's headquarters in New Delhi. A member of the Railways Board visited IRCTC's first surveillance-oriented intelligence kitchen control room in New Delhi on Tuesday morning. M Jamshed, member (traffic), was given a tour of the central control, from where authorities can monitor kitchens. The move comes following a Comptroller and Auditor General audit report last July, which termed food served in railways "unsuitable" for human consumption.

Staqu develops AI surveillance system for Uttar Pradesh prisons


Gurugram-based AI startup Staqu has launched its video analytics platform called JARVIS in Uttar Pradesh. The app was launched by UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath. Staqu has established AI-powered video analytics solution with a'Video Wall' that covers CCTV footage from all of 71 prisons of the state, covering a stretch of 900km. The AI-powered video analytics tool is now live with 700 cameras for multi-purpose analytics and can automatically analyse intrusion at the wall, frisking, and unauthorised access, sudden increase of crowd, violence, camera not working, and intrusion detection, amongst others. JARVIS is also equipped to send alerts on various predefined events on the mobile app to the jail superintendent and also to the nodal command centre at Lucknow.

This Indian startup has launched an AI led 'Video Wall' for surveillance in India's prisons


Staqu launched an AI powered Video wall which will analyse CCTV footage from 70 prisons of UP. The video analytics platform called JARVIS will check for frisking, unauthorised access, crowd analysis, violence, and intrusion detection. The startup has already worked with the police forces of Rajasthan, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand and Telangana. Indian Artificial Intelligence and facial recognition startup Staqu which has partnered with the police on several occasions - has now brought about a'Video Wall' that will analyse movement in the prisons of Uttar Pradesh. The AI-powered Video wall will cover and analyse CCTV footage from 70 prisons of UP.

Delivery Only: The Rise Of Restaurants With No Diners As Apps Take Orders

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DoorDash's delivery restaurant in Redwood City, near San Francisco, is among an increasing number of "ghost kitchens" and menus that exist solely in smartphone apps. DoorDash's delivery restaurant in Redwood City, near San Francisco, is among an increasing number of "ghost kitchens" and menus that exist solely in smartphone apps. Inside a bright red building in Redwood City, just south of San Francisco, cooks plunge baskets of french fries into hot oil, make chicken sandwiches and wrap falafel in pita bread. If you've been in a restaurant kitchen, it's a familiar scene. But what's missing here are waiters and customers.

India's Swiggy bets big on cloud kitchens – TechCrunch


Can cloud kitchens take off in India? Swiggy, one of the country's largest food delivery startups, is betting on it. The Prosus Ventures-backed startup said on Wednesday it has established 1,000 cloud kitchens for its restaurant partners in the country -- more than any of its local rivals. The Bangalore-headquartered firm said it has invested in over a million square feet of real estate space across 14 cities in the country over the last two years to help restaurant partners of all sizes expand to more locations both within their city and across new cities through cloud kitchens. Swiggy said it has already invested about $24.5 million in its cloud kitchens business that it calls Swiggy Access, and plans to pump another $10.5 million into it by March next year.