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What doctor? Why AI and robotics will define New Health


Modern health systems can treat and cure more diseases than ever before. New technology is bringing innovation to old treatments. Yet significant quality, access and cost issues remain and our health systems are becoming increasingly unsustainable. The emergence and increasing use of artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics will have a significant impact on healthcare systems around the world. How will AI and robotics define New Health?

CIO: Healthcare predictive analytics important to population health


Without health IT, healthcare organizations would not be able to effectively manage their patient populations or to transition to value-based care, according to Jon Russell, CIO at John Muir Health in Walnut Creek, Calif. The key to effective population health management and value-based care, Russell says in this video, is to effectively aggregate health information from disparate systems. To do this, he says, a healthcare organization needs an effective EHR and, on the back end, a way to aggregate all that information into a single source so dashboarding and metrics can be done for clinicians to use. "As you go to value-based care, you have to be able to manage your population effectively, and the only way that you do that is by having effective analytics and the ability to manage your population through significant business intelligence and appropriate platforms, analytical platforms," Russell says. He says John Muir Health uses Health Catalyst's analytical platform, which enables the aggregation of significant amounts of information from disparate systems in the healthcare organization's environment, and which also provides dashboarding and helps clinicians make that information actionable daily.

You Might Be Breathing Cancer-Causing Toxic Metals During Your Commute

International Business Times

If you take the subway to work, your morning commute might be slowly killing you, as you breathe in polluted air that has become trapped in the underground transit system. Airborne metal particles are especially a problem, and they are launched into the air by the natural wear and tear caused by trains moving along tracks.

Looking for better analytics to save lives? Leading healthcare analytics vendors listed here appliedAI


Some AI use cases are already gaining significant traction with tens of vendors competing providing competitive solutions. In healthcare, patient data analytics is such a use case. Patient data analytics solutions allow companies to access multiple sources both within healthcare provider's own records in different systems and from other healthcare providers and clinical studies. These solutions include capabilities to analyze various data formats including natural language to uncover insights. Based on these objective metrics measuring company size, IBM Watson, Flatiron Health, Digital Reasoning Systems, Ayasdi, Linguamatics and Health Fidelity are top vendors in patient data analytics.

Health systems will spend more on cybersecurity but not so much for AI and wearables


Hospitals and health systems plan to invest more in digital means for communicating with and serving patients, but their top priority is securing their web portals and internal networks, according to a new survey of 20 major health systems from the Center of Connected Medicine in Pittsburgh.