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Microsoft Azure Relational Databases


In this 2-hour long tutorial, you will learn how to create, and configure a Microsoft Azure Database for MySQL server and database. We will do this by walking through the process of creating a free trial subscription on Azure, logging in and getting familiar with the Azure Portal. We will create a Resource Group in preparation for creating the Azure database and then step through the process of configuring and deploying an Azure Database for MySQL server. From here we will connect securely to the cloud based server and create a new database. We will then populate the database with some sample data, query and update the data using the MySQL command line tool.

Microsoft adds more devices and services to its Azure Stack hybrid line-up


The cloud computing race in 2020 will have a definite multi-cloud spin. Here's a look at how the cloud leaders stack up, the hybrid market, and the SaaS players that run your company as well as their latest strategic moves. Microsoft is adding three new edge-computing devicesto its Azure Stack Edge family. It also is bringing Azure Kubernetes Services to Azure Stack HCI and making available more Azure Arc-enabled services as part of its continued hybrid-computing push. For those needing a refresher on Microsoft's continually-evolving branding, Azure Stack Hub is the new name for Azure Stack, Microsoft's initial hybrid computing platform.

6 Reasons To Choose Microsoft Azure Over AWS


This is a significant effort for Microsoft since Azure entered the Cloud Computing scene just in 2010, whereas AWS was launched back in 2006. Azure has made considerable advances in recent years. It offers a set of capabilities and features far exceeding its rivals. The following are some important aspects wherein Azure scores over AWS. AWS is broadly perceived as being complex. That is evident by the various tutorials, user manuals, and troubleshooting files that are on the market.

Personal Assistants In The Cloud And Clippy's Comeback! Build Azure


Are they relevant, or just a fad like the Nintendo Wii? There seem to be personal assistants being added to everything, from smartphones, to watches, to speakers. And now, a Personal Assistant is coming to Microsoft Azure. Microsoft is reviving Clippy to be the Cloud Assistant you need for helping work with and maintaining your Microsoft Azure cloud resources. Personal Assistants are great at helping with very specific tasks like setting reminders and using voice commands to get stuff done.

Azure.Source - Volume 68


Scale out read-heavy workloads on Azure Database for PostgreSQL with read replicas, which enable continuous, asynchronous replication of data from one Azure Database for PostgreSQL master server to up to five Azure Database for PostgreSQL read replica servers in the same region. Replica servers are read-only except for writes replicated from data changes on the master. Stopping replication to a replica server causes it to become a standalone server that accepts reads and writes. Replicas are new servers that can be managed in similar ways as normal standalone Azure Database for PostgreSQL servers. For each read replica, you are billed for the provisioned compute in vCores and provisioned storage in GB/month.