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Metaverse Real Estate Under Water


Late last year, a flood of cash from tech enthusiasts and corporate marketers ignited real estate prices in the metaverse. Alt-coin owners and CryptoPunk NFT collectors with stars in their eyes and cash in their pockets looked to justify soaring prices by buying properties near those of celebrities, many of whom were using the metaverse for promotional purposes, rather than, say, the view. To say that the boom was not built on solid foundations is both accurate and an understatement. Snoop Dogg, to take one high-profile example, built a digital replica of his Southern California mansion in the middle of the Sandbox metaverse, calling the 144-parcel square the Snoopverse. Snoop's virtual neighbors include the mega-DJ Steve Aoki and a handful of massive Atari developments, where visitors can play the company's games and attend events.

Council Post: Five Surprising Ways The Metaverse Meets The Future Of Work


Dr. Barry Po is the EVP & Chief Marketing Officer at mCloud, using AI to unlock the untapped potential of energy-intensive assets. A San Francisco auditorium is spellbound. The audience is catching a 90-minute glimpse into the future of work. Teams edit documents together seamlessly in real time. They collaborate virtually over video around the world with a single click as they effortlessly navigate the reams of data and information needed to make important decisions.

Brands No Longer See Metaverse-Like Worlds as Abstract Gimmicks WSJD - Technology

The metaverse remains years away from being adopted by a large number of users, but Chipotle, Verizon and others are turning to it to improve brand recognition and get existing customers more engaged.

Cens World Launches as the Future Metaverse Open-World Game


Cens World is a 3D fully Metaverse game that utilises advanced technologies to bring the best experiences to players, help them live in the real world, and admire the items they have created or owned most realistically. It's no accident that many people believe Cens World will usher in a new era of Metaverse gaming. This is a game in which all countries and territories participate in a simulation of a parallel Earth to the present. It doesn't matter which character the user is in the game. Players in Cens World will craft their own stories and give their characters personalities.

The Metaverse Overview - Vision, Technology, and Tactics


However, as the Metaverse matures, it will inevitably encounter bottlenecks that need to be broken through. The five major Metaverse bottlenecks at this stage are: Portability of access to the virtual world, Rules of governance in the virtual world, Industrial Metaverse applications, Information security and privacy, and Energy supply. In the future Metaverse landscape, these four classes of company will be involved in stronger cooperation inside, and stronger competition outside, each class. Platform-based players (mainly large internet and technology companies), rely on their mature technologies, broad user bases, and existing application scenarios to quickly deploy Metaverse applications. Benefiting from capital advantages, they can expand their Metaverse reach through investment or M&A in areas not yet covered by their own businesses.