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Artificial Intelligence with Python – Deep Neural Networks


The course is an introduction to the basics of deep learning methods. We will start with object detection and tracking, in which we will track faces, objects and eyes. We will then build a neural network and an OCR. We will then learn how to build learning agents that can learn from interacting with the environment. We will use Deep Learning with Convolutional Neural Networks, and use TensorFlow to build neural networks.

Hidden Benefits of Online Machine Learning

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In his 10-week course Ng takes a an engineering-oriented approach to Machine Learning that concentrates on statistical models. If you are looking for an alternative Coursera also has Neural Networks for Machine Learning, a class taught by University of Toronto professor, Geoffry Hinton who is a leading proponent in the field from a cognitive science perspective. His eight-week course sets out to teach students artificial neural networks and how they're being used for machine learning, as applied to speech and object recognition, image segmentation, modeling language and human motion. Its prerequisites are programming proficiency in Matlab, Octave or Python, plus knowledge of calculus, linear algebra and probability theory.

Artificial Intelligence II - Neural Networks in Java


This course is about artificial neural networks. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are getting more and more popular nowadays. In the beginning, other techniques such as Support Vector Machines outperformed neural networks, but in the 21th century neural networks again gain popularity. In spite of the slow training procedure, neural networks can be very powerful. In the first part of the course you will learn about the theoretical background of neural networks, later you will learn how to implement them.

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (AI) Coursera


In this course you will learn what Artificial Intelligence (AI) is, explore use cases and applications of AI, understand AI concepts and terms like machine learning, deep learning and neural networks. You will be exposed to various issues and concerns surrounding AI such as ethics and bias, & jobs, and get advice from experts about learning and starting a career in AI. You will also demonstrate AI in action with a mini project. This course does not require any programming or computer science expertise and is designed to introduce the basics of AI to anyone whether you have a technical background or not.