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Here's How Big Data Influences Banking And Online Lenders


It was an ideal time for online lenders to arrive in Silicon Valley. After the financial crisis of 2008, banks who were the first choice as lenders for everyday people took a little bit of time to comprehend the way in which customers wanted to access credit and they were not ready to take any kind of risks. They failed to focus on the needs and demands of customers and instead they concentrated on capital constraints and other regulations that were proving to be a challenge for them. All these reasons contributed to the emergence of online lenders in the market. Getting a lot of customers appears to be a comparatively easy task.

In bizarre reversal under Trump, consumer agency reveals moves to protect payday lenders

Los Angeles Times

In what would be a laughable move if it wasn't so incredibly tragic, the Trump administration's newly emasculated Consumer Financial Protection Bureau this week sided with payday lenders over consumers.

Help Auto Lenders See the Transaction from the Customer's Eyes


It's on the lender to do the right thing by the car buyer, either approving or denying a lease or loan, or deciding on a prime or non-prime rate. It's all about risk analysis, but that can become lost in the mix, both early on or deep into a career. It's the age-old saying: "money is power." In auto finance, it's the lenders – banks and analysts – that have all the power. Analyst training is meant to be ongoing, not just a one-time event.