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AI-Driven Solutions Implemented In Streaming Platforms - AI Summary


An incredible amount of tech advisors suggest investing in artificial intelligence to boost your business or video service reach. Besides that, AI technology can help streamers find tips for unblocking geo-restricted libraries from top streaming services and OTT applications (or IPTV app), including HBO Max, Hulu, Disney, and Netflix. By incorporating a powerful AI system into your streaming solution, you can filter content based on the age of the video, search terms, and user's browsing history. People in the video streaming industry opt for artificial intelligence because this form of optimization saves them time and money. IPTV/OTT and other products related to the video streaming industry have been using artificial intelligence to create a more optimal workflow and manage their customer expectations with ease plus efficiency.

Artificial Intelligence Video Platforms: Top AI Video Software's In 2020


Video plays an essential role in developing any Platform and application. The evolution and growth of video lead to the development of Artificial Intelligence Video platforms designed for various aspects of their usage over the internet. Artificial Intelligence refers to a broad set of approaches that allow computers to imitate human abilities. Artificial Intelligence uses computers can help to imitate human thinking and decision-making. Artificial Intelligence Video is still away from the independent personalities as we consider and seen in science fiction, the computational power of these systems that are enabling Artificial Intelligence to tackle challenges such as increasingly complex calculations that humans cannot do.

Is AI Justifying its Popularity among CIOs?


Along with innovative services, AI is helping the M&E industry to take big strides towards a bright and profitable future. FREMONT, CA: The media and entertainment sector is experiencing a wave of transformations with the accelerated adoption of advanced technologies. Artificial intelligence, being one of the most impressive technologies, is already an impactful part of the industry. The advanced technology gives machines cognitive powers, which is so beneficial to businesses that CIOs have been giving it the highest priority lately. The M&E CIOs who have led their organizations towards embracing AI has enjoyed exceptional success in the form of improved quality of services and accelerated growth.

How AI Is Personalizing Entertainment


From offering simple streaming content to highly personalized streaming content, streaming media technology has come a long way with a lot happening along the way. Offering streaming content was an achievement, but its progress was constrained by various factors such as computer hardware cost, limited computer capabilities, limited internet bandwidth and lack of compression technologies. Then things changed as computer abilities improved, hardware and storage cost reduced, compression technologies were improved, internet bandwidth improved and that gave a boost to streaming content. Various events began to be broadcast via streaming and the results were encouraging. Businesses sensed a good investment opportunity and jumped onto the bandwagon.

How Artificial Intelligence Is Transforming Live Streaming


Artificial intelligence (AI), an umbrella term that encompasses machine learning (ML) and deep learning (DL) technologies, promises to transform every facet of human life -- including live streaming. For tech giants like Facebook, artificial intelligence has already become commonplace. The site uses it to automatically identify users' faces each time a photo is uploaded. And as unsettling as it may sound, Facebook's facial recognition software (called DeepFace) is far more accurate than the FBI's. Because Facebook's extensive photo database grows each day, and as a result, the algorithm improves.