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This may be the worst homework anyone could give to a kid


As you may recall from your elementary school years, homework assignments dished out to kids aren't always well thought. While some assignments are able to stump parents, this sheet that was apparently assigned to first graders is just asking for trouble. The kids are supposed to create a word that ends with "uck." Regardless, there are only so many letters in the alphabet, and eventually, some kid is going to choose "f" or "c" to fill in the blank.

Hiding Satisfying Assignments: Two are Better than One

Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research

The evaluation of incomplete satisfiability solvers depends critically on the availability of hard satisfiable instances. A plausible source of such instances consists of random k-SAT formulas whose clauses are chosen uniformly from among all clauses satisfying some randomly chosen truth assignment A. Unfortunately, instances generated in this manner tend to be relatively easy and can be solved efficiently by practical heuristics.

Human Flourishing In The Age Of Technology


Richard Sergay is an award-winning veteran network television journalist and senior media executive who spent much of his career at ABC News. He reported on major domestic and international stories for World News, Nightline and Good Morning America and ABC Radio. Richard completed a six-year assignment as Bureau Chief and Correspondent based in South Africa covering the end of White rule and Apartheid, as well as the release of Nelson Mandela from prison and the ensuing peace negotiations. After the South Africa assignment, Richard began a new beat for ABC News – the first for any major network -- focused on the digital revolution unfolding in the U.S.

Why airlines can change your seating assignment before a flight

FOX News

Think you're getting an aisle seat, just like you reserved? In air travel, nothing is a done deal until it's been done. Take, for example, your seat assignment. You may believe that, since you booked seat 7A, it is confirmed and guaranteed to be yours. However, as Ann Coulter was surprised to learn last year, airlines can change your seat at any time -- even if you thought you paid specifically for one.

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