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Confederate Statue Being Removed in North Carolina City

U.S. News

In January, judge denied a request by the United Daughters of The Confederacy for a temporary restraining order to prevent the removal of the statue. Winston-Salem city officials had given the group until the end of that month to move the statue from the grounds of the building that now houses apartments, or the city would remove the monument itself. The mayor has proposed moving it to a cemetery.

Undeterred, U.S. Cities Ramp up Removal of Confederate Statues

U.S. News

Officials in Memphis, Tennessee, and Jacksonville, Florida, announced new initiatives on Monday aimed at taking down Confederate monuments.

Mississippi university removes prominent Confederate statue

Al Jazeera

A Confederate monument that has long been a divisive symbol at the University of Mississippi was removed Tuesday from a prominent spot on the Oxford campus, just two weeks after Mississippi surrendered the last state flag in the US with the Confederate battle emblem. The marble statue of a saluting Confederate soldier will be taken to a Civil War cemetery in a secluded area of campus. Students and faculty have pushed the university for years to move the statue, but they say their work is being undermined by administrators' plan to beautify the cemetery. A draft plan by the university indicates that the burial ground will eventually feature a lighted pathway to the statue and that headstones might be added to Confederate soldiers' graves that have been unmarked for decades. "Moving the monument should be a clear stand against racism, not another embarrassing attempt to placate those who wish to maintain the university's connection to Confederate symbols," faculty members from the university's history department wrote in a joint statement last month.

The internet is saying goodbye to Steve Bannon by trolling him with Confederate statue jokes


Steve Bannon, Trump's White House Chief Strategist, has officially left the building and the internet can't help but notice his impeccable timing. Amidst a nationwide debate over the decision to remove Confederate monuments -- which Trump sees as "beautiful" pieces of history -- from the country in wake of the deadly rally in Charlottesville, the people all over the web can't help but make one big joke about Bannon's exit: The biggest, ugliest confederate monument has fallen. Now you'll have more time to... tend to your hobbies. Another confederate monument gone today, bye Steve Bannon That joke, of course, is that Bannon has become an ousted Confederate statue himself.