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Best way to learn Python for Data Science?


Python is gaining an ever larger footprint in the interesting world of Data Science. KDnuggets says that Python R is even over as leader in the AI and Machine Learning standings platforms. But what makes Python so special for data science? One of the reasons is that Python is a general-purpose programming language. This means that Python has no specific purpose, which makes it possible to use models directly in a broader context.

Python programming language's top uses, tools: Developers reveal their choices


Python has grown to become one of the top programming languages in the world, with more developers than ever now using it for data analysis, machine learning, DevOps, and web development. Data analysis and machine learning in particular have moved up in Python developers' priorities, according to the 2018 Python Developer survey. Today, 58 percent who use Python do so for data analysis, up from 50 percent last year, overtaking web development on 52 percent. The other rapidly rising uses for Python are machine learning and DevOps. When asked what they use Python for most, web development is the leading answer, given by 27 percent of respondents, and well ahead of the 17 percent who report data analysis as the most common use.

Can Learning Python Alone Lead To A Viable Data Science Career Path?


The market demand for Python in India is high, and according to our Analytics and Data Science Jobs study, 2018, Python saw the biggest jump this year. It replaced R as the most in-demand analytics tool. In our earlier interview with Edge Networks's Raja Sekhar Pappala, the most sought-after skill in the data science field began with a good understanding of data-for-data pipeline creations. That's why SQL and ETL methods with Python and other querying expertise are sought after in the industry. In the Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2017, it showed that Python's popularity has soared exponentially with Python overtaking PHP for the first time.

Top Python Development Trends in 2020 - Credo Systemz


Python Programming which is currently a trending programming language in the era of information technology, This general purpose programming language is not a newly developed programming instead it has been developed in the year 1991 by Guido Van Rossum. The main benefit of Python programming than other programming languages is it supports multiple programming paradigms which includes object oriented, procedural and functional programming language. Python programming language is also has been listed down in the Top Trending Technologies 2020 listed and also been ranked as the most used programming language last year. This article explains about the Python development trend in 2020 which will give you a clear idea of enhancing your career from learning Python. Artificial Intelligence is currently the hottest technology in the field of information technology, the main focus of artificial intelligence is to build human intelligence on machines using machine learning algorithms and problem solving techniques.

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