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Kinetica v6.1 is Now Available - Kinetica


We're excited to announce the release of Kinetica, version 6.1 – our second major release of the year.

NVIDIA GPUs Power Kinetica Analytics Database


Businesses need to effectively analyze, visualize, and turn data into insights and use AI-driven knowledge to transform their digital business into an AI enterprise. Today's businesses must unleash the power of accelerated analytics to transform their data-driven businesses. When extreme data requires companies to act with unprecedented agility, Kinetica powers business in motion. Kinetica's instant insight engine on NVIDIA DGX Systems provides real-time analytics on data--in motion and at rest--10 to 100X faster than traditional systems, and at 1/10th of the cost. Together, NVIDIA and Kinetica deliver breakthrough performance, exceptional visual insights, and streamlined machine learning to meet the constantly changing demands in the Extreme Data Economy.

Data Powered Organizations l Analyst Report l Kinetica


With a GPU database at its core, Kinetica combines advanced analytics, visual discovery, location intelligence, and machine learning within a single engine.

Explaining GPUs To Your CEO: The Power Of Productization


GPUs allow Kinetica to operate a fully functional relational database with its own storage layer and tiered memory management approach. Originally, aside from the gaming industry, it was mainly clients with huge amounts of data – like financial services, the military, and oil and gas, that found benefits from using GPUs. The crucial element in cases like this was that these high-intensity workloads fit with the GPU model. CPUs generally are a better fit for workloads like running an operating system given the amount of flexibility they provide. Having the capabilities of both CPUs and GPUs allows companies to have a full arsenal to face the demands of the modern data era.

Kinetica continues to lead the GPU DB market segment


Kinetica, leader in GPU database, met last year during the #28 IT Press Tour, delivered again a very good session for the 32nd edition a few days ago. We saw the progress around partnerships, market footprint and adoption and of course the product. Initiated in 2009 by Amit Vij and Nima Negahban with an US Army project around realtime active analytics, Kinetica as a company was founded in 2016 and has more than 140 employee as of today with $63 million raised so far. The company should confirm soon a big financial news probably during the next NVidia GTC in Washington November 4, 5 and 6th. As data is the new oil and drives business, having the full master of it and insights from it is a major advantage.