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My current research trajectory centers on what I call learning programming at scale. Decades of prior research have worked to improve how computer programming is taught in traditional K–12 and university classrooms, but the vast majority of people around the world--children in low-income areas, working adults with full-time jobs, the fast-growing population of older adults, and millions in developing countries--do not have access to high-quality classroom learning environments. Thus, the central question that drives my research is: How can we better understand the millions of people from diverse backgrounds who are now learning programming online and then design scalable software to support their learning goals? One critical prerequisite for improving how programming is taught is to understand why and how people are currently learning and what obstacles they face. To work toward this goal, I have been studying traditionally under-represented learner populations and non-traditional learning environments.

100 Days of Code - The Complete Python Pro Bootcamp for 2021


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Why Python is considered the top programming language ahead of JavaScript and C


Programmers and developers can tap into a variety of languages to build applications, websites, and other programs. Ultimately, your preferred language is going to be the one with which you're most comfortable and that gets the job done most effectively. But one particular language emerged as the top choice in a study released in September by the IEEE, and that's Python. To gauge the popularity of different languages, the IEEE's study ranked 11 data points from eight different sources: CareerBuilder, Google, GitHub, Hacker News, the IEEE, Reddit, Stack Overflow, and Twitter. Depending on the source, the IEEE looked at such factors as searches, new repositories, posts mentioning each language, and job postings made within the last 30 days.

Tips to learn coding for beginners of all ages: A complete guide for you to start coding NOW


Coding is the language of the future and it has its own syntax and grammar. It is the process of creating step-by-step instructions a computer understands and needs in order for its programs to work. Learning how to code can not just help students become software engineers in the future, but rather help them develop a language skill which will be used in almost every field in future jobs. When you understand coding, you start to think and process information differently and become an active co-creator in the technology used around you. It will allow you tackle large problems by breaking them down into a sequence of smaller problems by combining maths, logic and algorithm.

Programming & Data Science Private Tutor


We are an innovative, forward-looking organisation with a young & enthusiastic team that takes a fresh approach to education. It is important that the right candidate is methodical in its approach and can multi-task. We are looking for highly motivated, passionate & practitioner-experienced lecturers/tutor (tutoring experience must) to tutor in the following subjects to bring high-quality teaching & content creation. A. Programming languages (Python, Java, C, JavaScript, App development (Android, iOS/Swift), Node, React, Angular, Ruby on Rails, Django) multiple languages preferred.