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APNewsBreak: Rise is MLB average salary lowest since 2004

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This season's final average was $3,966,020, the Major League Baseball Players Association said Friday in its annual report, up just 0.35 percent from last year's $3,952,252. That is the lowest rate of increase since a 2.5 percent drop in 2004.

The 5 AI jobs with the highest salaries


Demand for artificial intelligence (AI) jobs grew 29% in the last year, though has begun to slow down from years prior, according to new data from job search site Indeed. With more open jobs than qualified candidates to fill them, many AI-related roles command large salaries, Indeed found. Machine learning engineers are the most in-demand AI job based on the number of job postings, and also are offered the highest paycheck on average. They are also the professionals with the largest boost in salary year over year, the data showed. SEE: Artificial intelligence: A business leader's guide (free PDF) (TechRepublic) Machine learning engineers were the third-highest paying job in Indeed's previous two rankings.

The 10 highest-paying AI jobs, and the massive salaries they command


Demand for artificial intelligence (AI) talent is exploding: Between June 2015 and June 2018, the number of job postings with "AI" or "machine learning" increased by nearly 100%, according to a Thursday report from job search site Indeed. The percent of searches for these terms on Indeed also increased by 182%, the report found. "There is a growing need by employers for AI talent," Raj Mukherjee, senior vice president of product at Indeed, told TechRepublic. "As companies continue to adopt solutions or develop their own in-house it is likely that demand by employers for these skills will continue to rise." In terms of specific positions, 94% of job postings that contained AI or machine learning terminology were for machine learning engineers, the report found.

Care Global Rich List ranks your salary against the world

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When it comes to wealth, we generally know how well we're doing compared with our peers. But a new online tool enables you to see exactly how you rank on a global level - and the results are sure to be eye-opening. The UK average salary of £27,600, for example, puts you in the top 0.79 percent of the world; meaning you earn around £14 per hour compared to a factory worker in Ethiopia, who makes just £0.15 in the same time. The new tool reveals that the UK average salary of £27,600 puts you in the top 0.79 percent of the world Produced by humanitarian charity Care, the Global Rich List also reveals that an hour of that salary can purify enough water to last a child for 47 days elsewhere in the world. An hour's average salary could also pay for a trained midwife to deliver two babies safely in a developing country.

APNewsBreak: MLB Average Salary Drops, AP Study Finds

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A study by The Associated Press determined the average major league salary on opening day dropped slightly following an offseason of slashed contracts for many free agents and the decisions to start three highly paid players in the minor leagues.