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How is Artificial Intelligence Reinventing The Mobile Healthcare Ecosystem?


The mobile health applications have taken the driver seat in the healthcare landscape that's making everything possible at the flick of the button effortlessly. Now, the AI technology integration is making the mHealth solutions- The Hospital of The Future. Yes, it's not a tale of a distant future where patients don't need to physically step inside the hospital to get the doctor consultation, while the virtual assistants on the mobile app book the appointment with the doctor on your behalf, design treatment plans for you after diagnosing the health, make advice for the speedy recovery along with a list of to Do's and Don'ts, even identify the errors in the medical test reports and so on. It sounds like a fiction, but in reality, it's not. Artificial intelligence is making the world so small that it can be encompassed in the palm of your hands.

How Artificial Intelligence Impact Healthcare Industry?


The global healthcare market was valued at $8,452 Bn in 2018 and the market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 8.9%. The healthcare costs are also rising, and the industry is actively involved in not only reducing the costs of care but also enhancing the overall caregiving. AI technology has mighty applications in the industry, and the outcomes are going to be revolutionizing and impressive if adopted properly. The AI application in healthcare will work towards reducing spending and improving patient outcomes. Currently, the influence of AI in healthcare is still at its nascent stage.

Decoding the Future Trajectory of Healthcare with AI - ReadWrite


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is getting increasingly sophisticated day by day in its application, with enhanced efficiency and speed at a lower cost. Every single sector has been reaping benefits from AI in recent times. The Healthcare industry is no exception. Here is decoding the future trajectory of healthcare with AI. The impact of artificial intelligence in the healthcare industry through machine learning (ML) and natural language processing (NLP) is transforming care delivery.

How has machine learning revolutionized the healthcare industry


Across the globe, various hospitals are using sophisticated technologies and processes with the help of highly skilled administrators. But that ain't an easy task to accomplish! The management of such high-end machinery can still be a supervisory nightmare for the healthcare professionals who already have time constraint issues. Only automation can sprinkle wonders here. There are certain routine tasks which only Machine Learning can mechanize like automatic billing, documentation and administrative processes.