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AI Has Already Started Reshaping Special Education


AI is especially influential for children who need special education. These children mostly have one type of learning disability, so they have some impairments in social skills like language and communication or they have trouble in reading, writing and math. Having all this in mind, it is obvious that the traditional one-size-fits-all approach is not applicable for children taking special education. More specifically, for example, autism is a spectrum which children with autism are so different from each other in their impairments and social skills. Because of their uniqueness, education that they take should be different from each other to be effective.

Kentucky Receives Education Grant to Improve Literacy Skills

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Officials say the three-year grant from the U.S. Education Department is meant to create a comprehensive approach to advance literacy, including among those with limited English proficiency and those with disabilities.

Adorable little kid practicing his reading skills thinks 'as' is a bad word


Adorable little kid practicing his reading skills thinks'as' is a bad word As a kid you know there are some words you just can not say, and the word "ass" is up there on that list. This little dude was practicing his reading skills, when he came to the word "as." But he wasn't taking any chances, and despite his mother's reassurance, he just would not say it. "I can't say that," the little boy tells his mother over and over.

Why Scientists Should Have Leadership Skills


Science has a vital role in shaping our society and economy. The impact of science can continue to grow provided our scientists and science professionals are equipped with skills to create an innovative, sustainable and prosperous future. Too frequently, leadership skills are mistakenly equated with management skills; many only see value in leadership education when people reach senior positions and are managing teams. When leadership education is conceptualized as an action undertaken by many rather than a title held by few, it can increase the quality of people's contribution to their sector. This is because leadership education can provide a pathway for building self-awareness, self-efficacy, interpersonal skills, resilience and adaptability.