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Telstra launches Telstra Mail email service


Telstra has announced the launch of Telstra Mail, a revamped email system for home broadband customers currently using BigPond or Telstra Mail will allow for 10GB of mailbox storage -- double the capacity of Telstra's current Outlook-based email services -- and is available on Windows, Mac, and all mobile devices and tablets. It will also have "advanced" spam filtering and security settings, Telstra said. Customers will be migrated onto the new service over the next few months, and will experience only a "minor interruption" in services as they are transitioned over to the new email system. "New Telstra customers can receive a free Telstra Mail service as part of their home broadband plan, and in the coming months we will be moving all our existing BigPond and

Telstra showcases its new Broadcast Operations Centre


Telstra's new Broadcast Operations Centre (BOC) is now fully operational, with the telecommunications carrier branching out to provide broadcasters with content transfer solutions via its fibre, satellite, and internet protocol (IP) networks. The BOC has been functional since June, managing over 400 video, audio, and data services as part of the Telstra Broadcast Services (TBS) business. "The services that we're delivering as Telstra Broadcast -- and certainly we are very, very strong in the operational technology -- we're working very closely with broadcasters around delivery of content, and one of our flagship offerings is our digital video network," Trevor Boal, head of Telstra Broadcast Services, told media on Thursday morning. "Most of the broadcasters and content owners in Australia are our customers. The BOC, described as the "hub for Telstra's global media network", has connections with Telstra's digital video network; the Sydney Customer Insight Centre; teleports in Oxford Falls, Sydney, and Gnangara, Perth; the Stanley teleport and master control room (MCR) in Hong Kong; and MCRs in London, Los Angeles, and New York thanks to its partnership with Pacific Television.

Telstra restructure axes 8,000 jobs


Australia's largest telco has announced that it will be axing 8,000 jobs amid a restructure program labelled "Telstra2022", along with a reduction of "2-4 layers of management". Announced at Telstra's Strategy Day on Wednesday morning, Telstra will also create a new infrastructure business unit, called InfraCo, which it said would "drive performance and provide future optionality for a demerger or the entry of a strategic investor in a post-NBN rollout world". Restructuring costs are expected to reach AU$600 million for FY19, with an earnings before interest, tax, depreciation, and amortisation (EBITDA) guidance of between AU$8.7 billion and AU$9.4 billion by then. Its productivity program will be increased by an additional AU$1 billion to reach AU$2.5 billion by 2022, with the telco saying it still remains on track to "lead and win in 5G" mobile connectivity. "The rate and pace of change in our industry is increasingly driven by technological innovation and competition ... we have worked hard preparing Telstra for this market dynamic while ensuring we did not act precipitously.



Sometimes humans need a feline friend to help. Cat photos came to the rescue of an Australian woman desperately trying to get a company's attention. When Laura Carrie's broadband was still not connected five days after it was supposed to be, she knew who could help – her cat, Kittie Smalls. Monday, Telstra promised to connect Smalls' internet (let's be honest, it's really about the cat at this point).

Telstra launches second-gen Telstra TV


Telstra has launched the second iteration of its Telstra TV media streaming box, announcing that it has "united" search functions across free-to-air (FTA), subscription TV, and on-demand streaming services, with the box launching on October 31.