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Podcasting Has An Ad Skipping Problem, Too WSJD - Technology

Web advertisements face ad blockers. But for podcasts, there's the 15-second skip button. The decade-old podcast industry has been reawakened in the past two years as producers create new shows and more listeners tune in on their mobile devices and in their cars. But advertising growth has been limited by difficulties in measurement, and now the podcast world is contending with same phenomenon rampant across rival media: ad skipping. Apple, which accounts for the bulk of most podcasters' audiences, allows listeners to skip ahead by increments of 15 seconds on its podcast application.

The best technology and innovation podcasts in Spanish


Do you want to learn more about technology, but don't know where to start? One of the best options, and easily accessible, is to do it through a podcast . Although this sound format appeared in the United States at the beginning of the 21st century, it was until 2014 when it had its explosive time when it became a profitable medium. The truth is that, thanks to the different digital platforms, podcasts have gained greater popularity in recent years and have become a true trend . And it is that through them you can inform yourself, learn and entertain yourself, and, above all, it allows you to play them, pause them and repeat them at any time you want.

15 best comedy podcasts to listen to if you need a good laugh


We're halfway through 2020, and I can't think of a single person who isn't in desperate need of some comic relief. If you're looking for a laugh (or another way to pass the time,) we suggest listening to a few comedy podcasts. There are a number of truly hilarious podcasts that interview comedians, celebrate improv, comment on pop-culture, and so much more. But to narrow down the best of the best we asked some of Mashable's biggest comedy podcast fans for their recommendations. Here are 15 of the best comedy podcasts, as chosen by Mashable employees.

Top 10 Free Data Science Podcasts One Can Binge During This Lockdown


In today's fast-paced world, podcasts have proved to be an incredibly great source of learning for data scientists who are willing to learn more from all the possible resources available. Alongside, amid COVID, when the majority of data professionals are working from home, podcasts are turning out to be an excellent way to not only upskill themselves but also to pass leisure time. Not only AI and data science podcasts would help these professionals to be updated with latest trends and researches but also help them in understanding the core working of various data science applications. Furthermore, many of these data science podcasts also invite some of the renowned minds of the industry for data science professionals to gain more understanding of this industry. COVID lockdown can be monotonous and daunting for many, and thus to make good use of the leisure time, data scientists can get their hands on some of the informative and exciting AI and data science podcasts.

Podcasts Hit the Books WSJD - Technology

The book coming out Tuesday, whose stories range from kinky sex to kidnapping, is an extension of a nearly decade-old podcast in which ordinary people share secrets about their lives. Mr. Allison, a 48-year-old Ohioan turned New Yorker, is about to find out whether his roughly 1 million free downloads a month will translate into book sales. "Risk!" is the latest book built on a podcast, a growing industry niche as publishers seize on the audio medium known for eclectic voices, relatively low production costs and fervent fans. After years of making YouTubers and social-media stars into authors, publishers are now doing the same for podcasters. "It's grown exponentially," said Eve Attermann, a literary agent with WME who is working on book proposals with at least five podcast clients.