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Skylum brings AI-powered portrait and skin enhancement tools to Luminar 4


BELLEVUE, WA โ€“ September 17, 2019 -- Today, Skylum has announced two major new features coming to Luminar 4, set to be released this fall. AI Skin Enhancer and Portrait Enhancer will enable photographers to further develop and improve their portraits. These tools use machine learning to speed up the process, but contain detailed controls for even the most demanding photo editor. Previously, photographers would have to spend time selectively editing their photographs, manually adjusting various tools through selections and masking. With Luminar 4, these tedious tools are a thing of the past.

More AI-powered Features Coming To Skylum Luminar 4 - CanonWatch


After AI Sky Replacement and AI Structure there is more artificial intelligence to be featured in the upcoming Skylum Luminar 4 (learn more): AI-powered portrait and skin enhancements. Portrait Enhancer is a collection of tools that help improve the photo of any person in a natural, yet pleasing way. These tools are brand new to Luminar 4 making it now possible to highlight and improve primary features of a person's face. Thanks to the AI technology, faces and skin are automatically detected throughout a photo. AI Skin Enhancer allows photographers to automatically remove various skin imperfections like acne, freckles and moles, in addition to smoothing the skin.

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Skylum Luminar AI Launches with AI at the Core of the Experience


Skylum has officially launched Luminar AI which comes packed with multiple AI-Powered editing tools including an enhanced sky replacer and several new ways to reshape and change the human body or face. Skylum has heavily hyped this latest software release with months of teasers and online chatter. The company says that with the launch of Luminar AI, it hopes to offer an alternative to the approach that traditional photo editors present and give creatives a workflow driven by artificial intelligence. Skylum says its goal was to remove tedious tasks and eliminate learning curves. The first step in this goal is realized through the new Templates system that automatically scans each photo for subject and problem areas and then recommends a Template that Skyulum says "challenges an artist's creativity while also helping them achieve common tasks."

Skylum launches Luminar AI, its AI photo editor โ€“ TechCrunch


Over the course of the last few years, Skylum made a name for itself with a set of photo-editing apps like Aurora HDR and Luminar. With Luminar AI, it is now launching a brand-new photo editor, starting at $79. The new application, available as a standalone product for Mac and Windows and as a plug-in for Lightroom and Photos for MacOS, was built from the ground up and offers many of the traditional photo-editing features you're probably familiar with from the likes of Lightroom. The focus, though, is on its new AI-based tools, with a special focus on editing landscapes (and skies in general) and portrait shoots. In total, Skylum added 13 AI features to the application.