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Last Chance to Register for AI and ML BlackBelt Program


In the last 6 years – we have helped millions of users in learning data science, we helped hundreds of companies across the globe hire top data science talent and we conducted the biggest data science conference for practitioners in India. Over the last 9 months – we took all our experience in helping people learn and helping companies hire talent, and created our flagship program out of it – Certified AI & ML Blackbelt (Beginners to Masters). The program was launched last month and we have received raving feedback from the community. This program comes with 10 courses, more than 20 projects and one-on-one mentorship for 18 months. There are no pre-requisites to take this course.

How Mentoring In Business Analytics Can Help Build a Successful Career


"How can professionals find a solid footing in the ever-evolving analytics landscape?" This is one of the most frequently asked questions by aspiring data analysts. An increasingly common trend is to get a degree or certification, brush up on your Python, R and SAS skills, fill a tidy portfolio with predictive modelling projects, and sit back for the offers to roll in. A lot of professionals share they are able to find good jobs with leading MNCs after a certification course or a degree. However, just self-directed learning path cannot help in building a growth mindset or expose one to new ideas.

Bengaluru to host India's Largest Conference on Applied Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning - DataHack Summit 2019 - India Education Diary


Bengaluru: Bengaluru Analytics Vidhya's third edition of DataHack Summit, India's Largest Conference on Applied Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning will be held from 13 – 16 November 2019 at NIMHANS Convention Centre, Bengaluru. Global AI Leaders, Researchers, Machine Learning Experts, Data Scientists, Analysts and Engineers will be attending the summit to spark discussions on Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Reinforcement Learning, Natural Language Processing, Generative Modeling, Computer Vision, Explainable AI, Cloud Computing, Deep Learning, Transfer Learning, Quantum Computing, and Speech Recognition. There will be a more than 1000 AI & ML professionals will be attending 8 workshops, 30 hack sessions and 70 talks. The conference will witness speakers including Dr. GeethaManjunath (Founder & CEO of NIRAMAI), SayanRanu (IIT Delhi), Dat Tran (Head of AI at Axel Springer Ideas Engineering), UjjyainiMitra (Head of Data, ZEE5), XanderSteenbrugge (Head of applied ML-research at ML6), Prateek Jain (Microsoft), Jayatu Sen Chaudhury (American Express), Nishant Agrawal (Intel), Dr. Vikas Agrawal (Oracle Analytics Cloud), Dr. HarshadKhadilkar (TCS) and 100 more experts sharing their views on the impact of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. According to Kunal Jain, " Analytics Vidhya's mission is to build next-gen data science ecosystem and with DataHack Summit 2019 – we aim to bring together people, machines and their collaborative experience to make our world data-driven! After the immense success of the DataHack Summit 2018, the Summit has become bigger and will go deeper on the subject. With more than 70 sessions from experts across the globe spread across 4 days – there cannot be a better place to learn about Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning."

The 50 Best Data Science Blogs That Every Data Analyst Should Follow


Data science is a combination of various machine learning principles along with tools and algorithms to analyze raw data and conclude hidden patterns or predictions. Data science does not only provide predictive casual analytics and perspective analytics but also machine learning for making predictions and pattern discovery. With these complex and meaningful analytics, it finds the critical insights out of anything that can help to enhance the value. There are a huge number of blogs that talk about all these data science projects and helps to enlighten its users about the new technology. Data science is an evergrowing field of computer science, and it is difficult to keep pace with the trendy additions all the time. The below-mentioned blogs of data science will help you to keep updated and stay ahead in the competition. After acquiring back in 2018, Oracle started focusing on the utilization of Machine learning for its customers. Oracle always wanted to enable people to leverage the power of AI with the combination of big data and data analytics. This big data blog can be seen as a part of this goal as it emphasizes the impact of big data and AI on various applications of our regular life. Besides, how we can transform the data catalog to get more insight from a business alongside the extraction of business value is discussed in Oracle AI and Data Science Blog. If you are planning to start your career in this field, you can follow this blog as you will get everything that you must understand to become a data scientist in 2020. This Belgium based data science community is publishing big data-related content to minimize the gap between data science and common people since 2015. The blogs are available for free, and you will get all of them in their archives. They are intended to generate solutions for the challenges that we face in our day-to-day life through data analytics. It can be seen as a bridge between academics and business as it highlights the power of big data and the value it can add to any business. NGO workers, business leaders, data enthusiasts, university professors, and also Ph.D. students share their skills and experiences through this blog.

DataHack Summit 2019 witnesses latest trends in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning


The third edition of DataHack Summit organised by Analytics Vidhya is going on in Bengaluru to highlight the latest trends, state of the art developments and machine learning frameworks to democratize AI for everyone. The four-day summit, which kicked off yesterday, has been a strategic platform for industries and technologies worldwide to understand and leverage the latest innovations and the impact they have on our businesses and daily lives. The first day of the conference witnessed 20 sessions by leading AI experts like Eric Weber (ListReports), Mathangi Sri (PhonePe), Ujjyaini Mitra (Zee5), Dr Vikas Agrawal (Oracle Analytics Cloud), Abhishek Khanna, Jayatu Sen Chaudhury (American Express) et al. including 8 live hack sessions by Sudalai Rajkumar (, The panel had Kunal Jain (Analytics Vidhya), Dr Om Deshmukh (Yodlee), AviPatchava (Bright Money), Eric Weber (List Reports) and Tarry Singh (, Kunal Jain, Founder and CEO, Analytics Vidhya, said, "It's exciting to see more than 1000 passionate data science professionals from diverse industries and domains (more than 500 organizations) coming together and building a vibrant Data Science ecosystem in India. Think of this group as a think tank powering hundreds of banks, every ecommerce player and travel portal in the country building algorithms to improve customer experience and deliver business value."