AI Improves Influencer Marketing Campaign Performance by over 150%


Branded Entertainment Network (BEN), the leader in connecting global brands to consumers through the power of popular entertainment, today revealed early successes from BEN's market leading Artificial Intelligence (AI) solution. Popular brands leveraging the solution include the streaming service Philo and video/games rental operator Redbox, who have all seen increased performance from their influencer marketing campaigns. BEN is the first entertainment marketing company to leverage deep learning neural networks that are backed with over 30 years of proprietary campaign data, such as performance and ROI tracking, including 10 years of influencer marketing campaign data. BEN's neural networks uniquely combine this structured data with unstructured video and audio data. Rather than simply matching brands with influencers, BEN's AI has been trained to provide its clients with next generation predictive analytics that drive actual campaign results.

Peersway's nano-influencer fixed fees ensure engagement cost reductions


Some celebrity influencers can cost brands up to millions of dollars which has forced brands to look for a more cost-effective solution for their marketing campaigns. Louisville, Kentucky is building a unique bridge between the smart city and the smart home. Here's what communities and citizens can learn about the benefits of the onrushing digital transformation. 'Nano-influencers' with less than 10,000 followers might have a smaller following across social media channels -- but can show higher returns per marketing campaign. These smaller influencers have shown to engage 8.7 percent of their audience compared to 1.7 percent for celebrities with hundreds of thousands of followers.

How brands can get the best out of influencers this holiday season


Influencer marketing and the holiday season -- it should be a marriage made in marketing heaven. Brands working with influencers is a hot tactic for companies at the moment, yet it is still a relatively new concept, and the ability to directly link influencers to actual sales takes some skill to connect the dots. Brands pour big dollars into significant holiday spend dates such as Black Friday sponsorships with big name influencers. Also: Is celebrity influencer marketing dead? However, they do not see any ROI because they did not spend time building a relationship with these influencers before Black Friday.

What trends will dominate influencer marketing in 2018?


Throughout 2017, influencer marketing grew significantly. Although a comparatively new form of marketing, influencer marketing enables brands to increase awareness, and reach new audiences through influencers communicating with their followers across social media platforms. SaaS had a major impact on the way companies consume cloud services. This ebook looks at how the as a service trend is spreading and transforming IT jobs. By using highly targeted influencers, 63 percent of marketers increased their budgets for 2017 and over a third of marketers spent up $5,000 on influencer marketing.

New collaboration and measurement tracking tools automate influencer management workflow


Video: Do social networks influence perception? Brands want to measure influencer content across social networks and track actions such as impressions, shares, and conversion events driven by influencers. They want to track when consumers click on links, download apps, or make a purchase as a result of a piece of influencer content. Boston-based influencer marketing platform Mavrck has introduced a tool to help workflow automation of influencer content. Read also: Peersway's nano-influencer fixed fees ensure engagement cost reductions Its macro-influencer workflow automation tool, which adds tracking pixels to influencer content and brand pages, enables its customers to track when consumers click on links, download apps, or make purchases as a result of influencer content.