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Drone captures footage of whales and dolphins playing together off Californian coast

Daily Mail - Science & tech

A drone has captured breathtaking footage of pods of whales and bottlenose dolphins playing together off the California coast. The footage, taken by photographer Sandy Rich this month at Windansea Beach in San Diego, shows the two marine mammals playfully spouting and rolling in the iridescent blue water. Although it's a rare sight, the playful relationship between dolphins and whales isn't new - and its becoming more and more understood. A dolphin and humpback whale were spotted playing together in Hawaii in 2011 by photographer and marine biologist Lori Mazzuca. Mazzuca watched as the two interacted in a sort of game, with the dolphin seeing how long it could balance on the whale's head as it swam, according to Nature World News.

Magical footage shows dolphins 'glowing' as they swim through bioluminescent algae

Daily Mail - Science & tech

Amazing footage shows a pod of dolphins'glowing' as they swim through bioluminescent algae off the coast of California. Photographer Patrick Coyne -- who took the video off of the coast of Newport Beach, California -- described the sight as one of the most'magical' nights of his life. The light show was caused by the dolphins disturbing the tiny organisms, which glow in a form of fear response. Amazing footage shows a pod of dolphins'glowing' as they swim through bioluminescent algae, pictured, off the coast of California Mr Coyne was inspired to seek out the natural spectacle after watching dolphins swimming through bioluminescent waters in a programme on Netflix -- and so went on an excursion with local tour agency Newport Coastal Adventure. 'We were out for a few hours and on our final stretch back we finally had two dolphins pop up to start the incredible glowing show,' Mr Coyne wrote on Instagram.

Striped dolphins near Pico Island sound like mice

Daily Mail - Science & tech

Close-up footage reveals the underwater world of timid dolphins and their melodic chants that sound like a chorus of squeaking mice.

Heart-wrenching video shows a mother dolphin pushing the body of her dead calf through the water

Daily Mail - Science & tech

A heartbreaking video of a mother dolphin clinging to the body of her dead calf is a yet another testament to the idea that humans are not the only mammals capable of grief. In the footage shared on Twitter this week by Florida canoe-maker See Through Canoe, the dolphin can be seen pushing the lifeless body through the water and fighting to keep it afloat as she swims. Another dolphin seen swimming close by the mother's side even appears to help her get the calf back to the surface when it drops below. It's far from the first time this type of behavior has been observed in the highly-intelligent creatures, and adds further evidence to the hypothesis that they, just like us, often have trouble letting go in the face of death. See Through Canoe, which shared the latest footage on its official Twitter account on Monday, admitted the scene was'hard to watch.'

Disgraced ex-Dolphins coach 'used me as his cocaine platter,' Las Vegas model says

FOX News

Kijuana Nige said Chris Foerster, the former Miami Dolphins offensive line coach, used her as "his cocaine platter." The Las Vegas model who posted a video appearing to show a Miami Dolphins coach snorting cocaine said he used her as "his cocaine platter." Kijuana Nige, 33, told ESPN Radio on Wednesday that Chris Foerster, the former Miami Dolphins offensive line coach, threatened her to prevent her from talking about his drug use, the Orlando Sentinel reported. Foerster resigned Monday after the video appeared to show him snorting several lines of a white, powdery substance. Former Dolphins coach Chris Foerster was seen on video snorting a white powder.