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SimpliSafe Essentials review: Fundamental, hassle-free home security


Such is the promise on the packaging of SimpliSafe, and though the reality is there are 21 pages of setup manual you might want to refer to, for the most part SimpliSafe comes through on that promise. A big part of that reason is that SimpliSafe is entirely self-contained. There is no app to install, because the system doesn't support one unless you sign up for a monitoring service. And while you can (and should) connect the system to Wi-Fi, you don't have to, as SimpliSafe includes a built-in cellular radio. There are pros and cons to this concept.

State Of The Home Security Market: Interview With SimpliSafe's CEO Chad Laurans

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SimpliSafe was one of the first companies to introduce a DIY home security product back in 2006, years before the smart home category really took off. Since then SimpliSafe's solutions were installed in more than 300,000 American homes, and it is now about to launch a video verification system. The company was founded by Chad Laurans, a Harvard-educated engineer with a principle in mind: being safe should be simple. Up to date, the company has raised more than $57M from the legendary Sequia Capital. How was it all started?

SimpliSafe's award-winning home security systems are all on sale for 40% off


TL;DR: You can save 40% on any SimpliSafe security system through Sept. 15 (valid email required). Being stuck at home amid the pandemic has inspired many to tackle a DIY project, whether it's tufting colorful rugs, dabbling in indoor gardening, or painting bathroom countertops a questionable shade of green. It's not as complicated as it sounds, actually: DIY security systems are typically wireless (read: very easy to set up) and leave tons of room for customization. They'll usually save you some serious cash, too, since you're not required to fork over fees for professional installation. If your ears perked up at that last part, just wait until you hear about the sale that's happening over at SimpliSafe, one of our absolute favorite DIY home security brands: Through Sept. 15, you can take 40% off any new SimpliSafe system just by visiting its website and supplying a valid email address in the orange banner at the top of the page.

SimpliSafe monitors the outdoors with its first video doorbell


There is already no shortage of options for smart doorbells, and now you can add SimpliSafe's Video Doorbell Pro to the list. The device marks the security firm's first venture into home security outside of the house. There's not much that makes the Video Doorbell Pro stand out in an already crowded market. The smart doorbell sports a super-wide angle camera that can scope out a 162-degree diagonal field of view. It captures footage in 1080p HD and offers two-way audio communication, which is pretty standard fare.

SimpliSafe Video Doorbell Pro review: Sharp video leaves a positive impression


The SimpliSafe Video Doorbell Pro is a wired doorbell with infrared motion detection that produces a great picture. It's the first such product from SimpliSafe, which made a major impact on the home security market when it introduced its DIY no-contract home security system in 2009. This doorbell won't do the same for the smart home security market, but it is a well-made product that's worth consideration from anyone contemplating buying a video doorbell. The camera has a pleasing design--the result of a partnership with design company IDEO--and measures 4.35 x 1.35 x 1.12 inches (11 x 3.5 x 2.8 centimeters). That makes it a little taller than, say, the Ring Video Doorbell, but it is more compact.