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Dish's new TV remote listens to your voice commands


Nowadays, you can save energy by talking to your gadgets and letting them do the work for you. So it's no surprise that Dish wants to help you with that, too. The satellite provider has introduced its aptly named Voice Remote, which lets Hopper 3 and 4K Joey customers search for content with spoken commands. Results populate based on movie or TV titles, genre as well as actor names. Additionally, the new remote features a clickable touchpad for easier navigation, backlit keys and support for two IR devices.

8 Ways To Know You're Ready To Be A Remote Worker

Forbes - Tech

Earlier this week, FlexJobs released a list of the top 10 international companies for remote jobs. These are companies headquartered outside of the United States that hire people from all over the world. It's easy to understand the appeal of working from anywhere. You, too, could live in Texas but work for a company in Australia or Beijing. But remote work isn't for everyone, and working for a company in another time zone--or even halfway around the globe--may not be the best arrangement for you.

People went nuts for this epic camera remote on Kickstarter, and now it's on sale


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Japanese startup unveils remote-control robot that does the laundry

The Japan Times

In a few years, perhaps for some the most dreaded household chore may be taken over by robots. Robot startup Mira Robotics unveiled Thursday a machine that performs a range of laundry duties by remote control. The new service, called ugo, hopes to resolve two major hurdles that have prevented the widespread adoption of services that delegate housekeeping chores to humans -- privacy and prohibitive costs. Under the ugo service, robots will be rented to customers for use in their homes. Trained operators will remotely manipulate them to do chores so homeowners don't have to worry about having a housekeeper at home, the startup said.

Best universal remote control


Your message has been sent. There was an error emailing this page. There was a time when a single brand dominated the universe of universal remote controls: Logitech's Harmony. That changed earlier this month when Caavo shipped its second-generation Control Center, which is good enough that we can recommend it as the best mid-priced product in this category. That'll be a Logitech Harmony Elite.