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'The Great Pottery Throw Down' will fire up your emotions


On a cold, wintry evening in January, I found myself aimlessly flicking through channels in search of something to occupy myself with. I'd already binged Bridgerton, watched Normal People for the third time, and was on my fourth rewatch of Schitt's Creek. Mercifully, a new series of Grand Designs had come along, right in time for the UK's third national lockdown. Like many people, I've recently reached quite a low ebb in my mental wellbeing and I've been trying to find joy in daily life -- be it by leaving the house to stomp around the muddy local park, or cooking up a tasty storm in my kitchen. Joy, in January, is often in short supply in the northern hemisphere.

Ancient Britons were among the first Europeans to shift to dairy farming

Daily Mail - Science & tech

More than 7,000 years ago ancient Britons were among the first to star farming cows for their milk, a study of pottery fragments has revealed. Scientists from the University of York tracked the shift from hunter-gatherer lifestyles to early farming in prehistoric Europe over about 1,500 years. The York team examined the molecular remains of food left in pottery that was used by farmers who settled along the Atlantic coast of Europe 7,000 years ago. Dairy farming in Europe started on the Southern Atlantic coast - now Spain and Portugal - but it didn't really take off until it reached what is now Britain and Ireland. An international team of researchers worked on the study that included pottery found at 24 Early Neolithic sites across Europe.

Sorry Tefal, the Romans used non-stick cookware 2,000 years ago

Daily Mail - Science & tech

You may think Tefal frying pans and other handy non-stick cookware are modern inventions. But the discovery of a Roman pottery dump near Naples has revealed that the Romans used non-stick pans too. Archaeologists unearthed fragments of pots with a thick, red, slippery coating, which are thought to have been used to cook meaty stews some 2,000 years ago. The discovery of a Roman pottery dump near Naples has revealed that the Romans used non-stick pans. The fragments of cookware, known as Cumanae testae or Cumanae patellae - meaning pans from the city of Cumae - were found 12 miles (19km) west of Naples in the ancient city, Discovery News reported.

What is the future of Brazil's drive to reduce poverty?

BBC News

Mother-of-six Ana Rita de Jesus is worried about the future of Brazil's President Dilma Rousseff. She works in a womens' pottery cooperative in the secluded rural community of Itamatatiua, in the Northeast state of Maranhao. "I saw on television that they want to remove Dilma from power and end the Bolsa Familia programme," she tells me. "If that happens, I might have to move to a bigger city, because there are no paying jobs here." A total of 47 million Brazilians - almost a quarter of the population - receive money from it on a monthly basis.

10 affordable storage bins that will make your home look like Pottery Barn

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If anyone asks, say you got this stuff at NOT-tery Barn. If you make a purchase by clicking one of our links, we may earn a small share of the revenue. However, our picks and opinions are independent from USA TODAY's newsroom and any business incentives. We love to linger over the pages of their catalogs, imagining those leather club chairs and embroidered throw pillows magically leaping into our living rooms. It's become a cultural phenomenon (we all remember the Apothecary Table incident from Friends, circa 2000) and a look many of us strive to emulate.