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Google Search's 'Recent' Feature Will Give Users Option To See Or Reject Their Older Searches

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Google has been testing a new feature for its search app over the past two months and now it has rolled it out over the iOS and Android apps and The "Recent" tab will allow users to browse through their previous searches so they can find what they are looking for faster and easier. The feature is contextual, so you needn't be worried about going through everything you searched for -- it will group related searches together and let you compare the search results side-by-side. You will also be able to delete the search queries you consider obsolete. You can also access the feature from the navigation drawer of the Google app, Android Authority reported.

7 things you didn’t know Google Search could do until now

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Google Search is much more powerful than most people know. Google is way more powerful than most people realize. Regular searches are helpful, but they don't even scratch the surface of Google's abilities. Sometimes, your basic search inquiries may not be enough or you need a tip to get the best results. Fair warning: You can't mention Google without also mentioning tracking.

Bing Custom Search: Build a customized search experience in minutes


It's a little over five months since we launched the Bing Custom Search for general availability, and we're happy to see a considerable number of websites around the world that are now powered by Bing Custom Search. You can use the Bing Custom Search offering for either powering your site search or building the vertical search experience through multiple relevant domains. Bing Custom Search is an easy-to-use, ad-free search solution that enables users to build a search experience and query content on their specific site, or across a hand-picked set of websites or domains. To help users surface the results they want, Bing Custom Search provides a simple web interface where users can control ranking specifics and pin or block responses to suit their needs. The Bing API Team's goal is to empower both developers and non-developers to harness the power of the web by allowing them to build a customized search engine experience.

4 Ways Artificial Intelligence Will Update Search and SEO


Have you been searching for the biggest trends in SEO and search marketing? Then you've surely heard about the arrival of artificial intelligence (AI) in SEO and search, but you may not know just how to handle this new digital direction. Luckily, industry experts can help you. The Next Web has shared a real-world view of AI online and offered suggestions to help you get wise to the ways of AI. A Blackout on Black Hat Tricks Artificial intelligence will make it much simpler for search engines like Google to track and crack down on bad online behavior more often, so link builders and webmasters better beware.

Google adds caution to search results on emerging topics


Google is trying to provide more context about search results so users can "more confidently evaluate the information" they find online. To help with this, Google announced it has trained its systems to detect when a topic is rapidly evolving and a range of sources are yet to weigh in. Google Search will now display a notice indicating that it may be best to check back later when more information from a wider range of sources might be available. "Accessing timely, relevant and reliable information is increasingly important in our current environment," Google wrote in a blog announcing the new feature. "While Google Search will always be there with the most useful results we can provide, sometimes the reliable information you're searching for just isn't online yet. This can be particularly true for breaking news or emerging topics, when the information that's published first may not be the most reliable."