"Trashy Video Classifier" An Artificial Intelligence System by Google That Cleans up YouTube Homepage


YouTube is full of extreme and deceptive videos, and the home page is what annoys most of the visitors as it is littered with trashy content. YouTube has been a target of criticism in the past for not taking necessary steps to stop this trash videos trend on its platform. Google has installed an AI (Artificial Intelligence) software that examines tons of videos on its own and blocks videos from the home page of website and home screen of the app, which looks troubling for the platform. According to people working with the project, this Artificial Intelligence software is known as "trashy video classifier". This system plays an essential role in attracting and holding the visitors on the homepage of YouTube.

YouTube's mobile homepage redesign has better recommendations


Part of the homepage redesign is that groups of recommended videos are now gone. Now the suggested clips appear in a single ranked list. "Instead of recommending groups of videos to you, we're going to take the best video from the groups and put them in the right order for you," said Johanna Wright, YouTube's VP of Product Management. It uses machine learning and algorithms to figure out your viewing patterns automatically, learning and improving over time. The homepage will also now occasionally surface videos from your Subscriptions, since that's what a lot of people go to YouTube for.

Children see manipulative marketing videos on YouTube

Daily Mail

Children are being conned into watching hours of advertisements disguised as entertainment on YouTube, according to a new study. Parents have been warned that thousands of videos containing violent and disturbing content is manipulating youngsters without them realising. Scientists looked at almost 13,000 videos watched by millions of youngsters that use YouTube as an alternative to TV and found many contained'inappropriate' marketing content. Scientists collected data from 12,848 videos from 17 channels in the US and UK as well as 24 channels in Brazil. In total, these channels had been viewed more than 37 billion times.

YouTube to regulate sick pranksters with age restrictions

Daily Mail - Science & tech

YouTube is finally doing more to crack down on disturbing videos creating sick by pranksters to frighten children. YouTube is putting in place age-restrictions which means users can flag inappropriate content in the main app to stop children being exposed to disturbing videos. It normally takes five days for content to get from YouTube to YouTube Kids. 'Age-restricted content is automatically not allowed in YouTube Kids', said Ms Downs who said the new team should be live in a few weeks. 'The YouTube team is made up of parents who are committed to improving our apps and getting this right', she said.

Create a YouTube Channel That Helps Your Small Business Make Money


The camera loves you โ€“ and your business. If you want to make your small business famous โ€“ YouTube famous โ€“ now is a good time to start. According to Brandwatch, "among millennials, YouTube accounts for two-thirds of the premium online video watched across devices," but they also see that only "9% of U.S small businesses use Youtube." In order to bridge the gap, and start using video content to your advantage, it's time to get your business on YouTube. Create a channel homepage that reflects your brand, release videos on a routine basis, and listen to your viewers to make your videos better.