Apple's recycling robot rips apart old iPhones to recover valuable materials


Daisy is a recycling robot that Apple built to retrieve valuable materials from old iPhones. Capable of recovering components from nine different iPhone models, the robot succeeds where traditional recyclers fail, enabling a more efficient recycling process.

A recycling robot named Clarke could be the key to reducing waste


We all know that it's important to recycle, but that's sometimes easier said than done. Luckily, Clarke the robot is here to help. Admit it -- you're not entirely sure how to recycle. With so many different materials in play, how are you supposed to know what needs to be thrown into a landfill and what can be reused? Humans might not be the best at the Three R's (reduce, reuse, and recycle, of course), but another "R" is here to save us -- a robot, affectionately named Clarke.

Robotic sorting is driving carton recycling into the future - Recycling Product News


During the 2017 project pilot phase, the Carton Council provided MRFs with grants to purchase and work with AMP to install carton-sorting robots. The first was at Alpine Waste & Recycling in Colorado, followed soon after by one at Dem-Con Companies in Minnesota. Past the pilot phase, the robots are now ready for prime time and there have been growing numbers of installations in the U.S. and Canada. This summer, another carton-sorting robot was installed at Single Stream Recyclers in Sarasota, Florida, along with several robots to sort other valuable materials and help to reduce contamination. With arms and grippers that can pick materials out of the recycling stream faster and with a higher rate of accuracy than their human counterparts, these robots utilize a vision centre with a camera that allows for monitoring materials as they pass through on a conveyer belt.

The robot that sorts out recycling

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Using pressure sensors to detect an item's size and composition, the RoCycle system can place items in the appropriate recycling bins.

Apple has a new iPhone-destroying robot called Daisy that can disassemble 200 phones in an hour


Apple's got a new robot. You can't buy this'bot, though -- it's only for Apple's use. The robot, named Daisy, takes apart old iPhones so that the valuable materials in the devices, like gold, can be extracted. It's an improved version of "Liam," the recycling robot that Apple revealed in 2016 to take apart iPhone 6 phones. Daisy can disassemble 200 iPhones an hour, Apple said in a press release on Thursday extolling the virtues of its latest droid.