5 Reasons Why AI Will Never EVER Replace Recruiters


AI is clearly a hot topic in any recruitment office and has been for some time. With our increasing needs for instant gratification because of social media, how does this impact on the daily culture in recruitment businesses and what does this mean for the future of recruiters. AI is a disruptor and no recruiter dare ignore the way it has already changed the way recruitment operates. However, is it a threat to our existence in the near future?

What Recruiting Experts Have to Say About AI


These expert quotes were originally featured on UndercoverRecruiter. It's no surprise that AI is changing the recruiting world. Fact is, it's changing a lot of things. But, are these changes for the betterment of the recruiting and HR industries? Or, are we going down a long rabbit hole of self-destruction?

Five Skills That All Great Recruiters Have

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What makes a great recruiter? Executive recruiters come in a variety of styles--some are flashy and fast, others quiet and thoughtful. Some seem more like salesmen, while others operate like scientists. Whatever their approach, the best executive recruiters all possess certain internal traits that help them succeed--behavioral mechanics conducive to excellence. Here are five of the most critical.

Artificial Intelligence Becoming a Favorite Technology for BPO Recruiters - Nearshore Americas


Artificial intelligence (AI) is turning out to be a favorite technology for BPO human resources departments, with reports suggesting that Nearshore firms are adopting the technology for recruitment.

How Artificial intelligence Can Aid Rather Than Replace Recruiters Articles Big Data


While AI is reliable in recruitment, there is one thing it certainly cannot do – building a relationship with the candidates. Judging a candidate based on their response under pressure is definitely not the best way to hire the right candidates. Recruiters can find out more about these candidates by building a rapport with them which is hampered if recruiters continue taking care of monotonous tasks such as screenings and handling resumes. Apart from the candidates being the right fit for the designated role, it is also important for them to fit into the culture that the company believes in following, which can only be determined with a good rapport built.