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"British Politics at the Moment Doesn't Work"


I don't think a single person in the House of Commons, not one, including Jeremy Corbyn, believes that that Labour Party could form a government after a general election. The Labour Party was in trouble, and it looked at Europe and what they saw, with the possible exception of Germany, was cratering everywhere. The big story in the Dutch elections was not about Geert Wilders. It was about the Labour Party in Holland collapsing. It's collapsed in places like Greece and France.

One Man Against Them All: Jeremy Corbyn's Labour Sensation

Der Spiegel International

When it was clear that the British prime minister, and not he, had emerged humiliated from the election, Jeremy Corbyn allowed himself to relish a sliver of satisfaction. "I would think that's enough, to go, actually, and make way for a government that will be truly representative of all of the people of this country," the Labour leader said in front of his home in the London district of Islington. Then the 68-year-old held up both thumbs for the cameras, a seemingly uncontrolled outburst of emotion coming from a man like him. No one, perhaps aside from Corbyn himself, would have dared to predict even 12 hours earlier that the Labour Party would reap roughly 40 percent of the vote nationwide. But instead of receiving the poorest Labour result in postwar history, as many had predicted, Corbyn achieved the party's best result since 2005, when a certain Tony Blair won with an absolute majority.

Is Corbyn's leadership the beginning or the end?

BBC News

A few days before this Labour conference, one of Jeremy Corbyn's close allies suggested to me this would be the week that would demonstrate if Mr Corbyn has really transformed the Labour Party. Whether he meant the promises he made to his supporters when vowing to bring in a genuinely "new kind of politics". Well, Jeremy Corbyn has changed. His son Ben told us today, after his father's speech, that he was "smoother" now, and, excitedly, he claimed: "There was a new centre emerging." And yes, Labour has changed.

Labour activist 'felt isolated' over complaint made against MP

BBC News

A Labour activist who accused an MP of sexual harassment has told the BBC she feels disillusioned by how the party handled it. Ava Etemadzadeh, 27, said she was left feeling "very powerless and isolated" after Kelvin Hopkins was promoted the year after she complained about him. The MP has now been suspended by Labour while it investigates the allegations. The party says it takes such complaints "extremely seriously". Mr Hopkins has not commented on the allegations.

Labour leadership debate: Owen Smith suggests IS talks

BBC News

Labour leadership challenger Owen Smith has suggested the so-called Islamic State could be involved in negotiations with the West in the future. Mr Smith said all conflicts ended in "dialogue", during a two-hour debate with Jeremy Corbyn on the BBC's Victoria Derbyshire programme. The Labour leader said he would not negotiate with so-called Islamic State. The pair also clashed over allegations of abuse within the Labour Party, nuclear weapons and the EU referendum. The audience of 100 Labour supporters in Nottingham repeatedly expressed concern about "abuse" between the two sides in the leadership contest.