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Dude uses Google Autocomplete to help him fill out resumé, will definitely never get a job


Writing your CV is one of life's necessary -- but highly time-consuming -- evils. And, many of us take all the help we can get. SEE ALSO: Irish teens sing'Despacito' in Gaelic and they're better than Bieber London-based author Aaron Gillies decided to let Google Autocomplete give him a hand in updating his CV. The results were both brutally honest and hilariously weird. Sorry Aaron, but we're not sure these skills are the right fit for any job.

YouTube pulls autocomplete results that showed child abuse terms


YouTube has been working hard lately to fix issues around child exploitation and abuse. The Google-owned video service revamped its policies and their enforcement around videos featuring minors or family-friendly characters in disturbing situations. Over the weekend, the company promised a crackdown on inappropriate comments on kid-friendly videos in response to big-name brands pulling their advertisements from the respective content. Now, YouTube is working to fix a problem with its autocomplete system that was finishing the search term "how to have" with "s*x with kids."

Google clarifies how search autocomplete works


Contrary to the way SourceFed describes the inner workings of a search engine, Google mentions that its autocomplete does filter for terms, particularly ones that could link someone's name with things that are potentially hurtful or disparaging. This isn't especially new information, as Google has previously manually adjusted its results for copyright reasons, and has even been fined for defamatory results. If you're still not sure it works that way, one could try a similar test with Clinton's presumptive competitor in the presidential race. While Donald Trump has had stories written about him that include the word "rape" or "lawsuits," searching his name plus ra- or la- shows neither word as a suggestion. A blog post by marketer and SEO expert Rhea Drysdale goes into more detail about how this works and why, for those interested.

Google will remove misleading election-related autocompletes


In the fight against fake news, even a search engine's autocomplete suggestions can create confusion. Google announced today that it's updating its autocomplete policies related to elections, adding that it will "remove predictions that could be interpreted as a claim about participation in the election" as well as "predictions that could be interpreted as claims for or against any candidate or political party." Things that sound like they might be claims about voting methods, requirements or status of voting locations will not be shown either. So if you type something like "You can vote by" or "you can't vote by" into the search box, autocomplete won't suggest finishing that statement with "phone." Similarly, if you enter "donate to," political parties or candidates should not show up as suggestions. You can still type "You can vote by phone" if you wish, or "donate to party candidate" and get those results.

YouTube search results reveal disturbing child sex results

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A shocking report has revealed that searching for the phrase'how to have' on YouTube brings up a list of disturbing auto-complete results.