UberEATS makes its way to Singapore


UberEATS exited NYC in April, so the company can "narrow its focus." Apparently, that includes testing the waters in Asia, because the 10-minute food delivery service is now available in Singapore. The country's residents can download the standalone UberEATS app from either iTunes or Google Play, but the service is only limited to 100 restaurants' menus and to Singapore's Central Area at this point. That region includes some of SG's busiest urban districts such as Orchard, a popular tourist destination where you'll find a slew of shopping malls.

UberEats food deliveries come to Edinburgh


After launching in London last summer, Uber's food delivery service UberEats has expanded to Manchester, Birmingham, and recently, it added the useful option of scheduling post-pub burger drop-offs ahead of time. Tomorrow, UberEats is heading further north to its first Scottish city of Edinburgh, where deliveries from over 70 partner restaurants will be available from 11AM (no breakfast option yet, we're afraid). Deliveroo has been operating in Edinburgh for the best part of two years now, so expensive on-demand grub isn't entirely new to its residents, but more choice is never a bad thing. If you don't live close enough to the city centre to be covered by the launch zone, UberEats asks you not fret. It expects to begin adding more restaurants to the service and expanding the delivery area within a matter of weeks, with a launch in Glasgow also not "far behind."

UberEats drivers are revolting in London


Established food delivery service Deliveroo and recently launched UberEats might be competitors in the UK, but their drivers have found a common enemy in the businesses they work for. UberEats couriers have planned a protest outside Uber's London HQ today, over changes to their pay structure they say could lead to them earning less than the minimum wage, The Guardian reports. Drivers now get paid 3.30 per delivery plus 1 per mile travelled, with Uber taking a 25 percent cut of that total. A bonus of 3 or 4 is then added depending on the day of the week and whether the delivery is during peak or off-peak hours. Before last weekend, though, that bonus reward was a flat 5. Uber says this was a "very generous" incentive offered to drivers while the customer base was growing.

UberEATS app will not be affected by the Uber London taxi ban - McDonald's delivery is safe

The Independent - Tech

UberEATS will not be affected by TfL's decision to revoke Uber's operating licence in London. The company's delivery service will continue to function as normal, even if Uber ends up being banned in the capital. UberEATS lets users order food from a number of popular fast food outlets, including McDonald's. People have been voicing their concerns about the future of UberEATS on Twitter. Uber's current licence ends on 30 September, but the company will appeal the decision.