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I will never understand how this guy solves Rubik's cubes so fast


There's the way we plod along trying to solve the Rubik's cube... and then there's speed cubing. Rubik's cube champion Feliks Zemdegs shared a video of solving the puzzle in a scorching 3.81 seconds -- quicker than his previous world record time of 4.73 seconds. SEE ALSO: Master solves and juggles Rubik's cubes at the same damn time The 21-year-old shares all his stats and personal bests on his Facebook and Twitter pages, should you wish to deep dive into the world of speed cubing. We share your fist-pumping joy at the end, Feliks. World's longest ever golf putt puts your feeble minigolf efforts to shame

The perfect Rubik's to challenge your brain--whether you're a beginner, expert, or in between

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It took Ernõ Rubik more than a month to solve his namesake puzzle the first time. Today, competitive cubers can best the classic brain teaser in less than five seconds, and casual players can do it in minutes. Their not-so-secret weapon is math. Devising or memorizing sequences of moves that accomplish a particular goal--for instance, swapping two corners--is key to cracking your Rubik's Cube. When game designers start stacking more layers onto a standard 3-by-3-by-3-square cuboid, it doesn't change those algorithms much; it just makes the solve mega-tedious.

Watch this robot solve a Rubik's Cube faster than you can say Rubik's Cube


If you look away from this Rubik's Cube-solving robot for even a second, you'll miss history. The Sub 1 Reloaded cracked the notorious puzzle in just 0.637 seconds earlier this year, smashing its own mark of 0.887 seconds and setting the Guinness World Record. The robot is the pride and joy of German engineer Albert Breer, who boosted its puzzle-solving power by adding a new Infineon chip. Feliks Zemdegs holds the fastest time for a human, coming in way behind the machine at a sluggish 4.73 seconds.

Ever struggle with a Rubik's Cube? Someone has created one that will solve itself

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Then this video probably won't help your anxiety. A Japanese YouTuber by the username Human Creator has created a modified version of the famous cubed puzzle that will automatically solve itself. The video, posted to YouTube last week, has already accumulated over 250,000 views. In a linked post to a Japanese blog, the unnamed YouTuber posts pictures of his work including the outfitting of the sensors and the code used for the computer to solve the cube. While the code is impressive, the engineering to fit the technology into what appears to be a traditional, standard Rubik's Cube is equally noteworthy.

Robot 'sets new Rubik's Cube record' - BBC News


A robot has just set a new record for the fastest-solved Rubik's Cube, according to its makers. The Sub1 Reloaded robot took just 0.637 seconds to analyse the toy and make 21 moves, so that each of the cube's sides showed a single colour. That beats a previous record of 0.887 seconds, which was achieved by an earlier version of the same machine using a different processor. Infineon provided its chip to highlight advancements in self-driving car tech. But one expert has questioned the point of the stunt.