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With the Apple HomePod, the cotton that has been in our ears since the arrival of the first smart speaker has been removed. The HomePod sounds far better than the popular smart speakers from Amazon, Google--and even Sonos.

Apple's HomePod Speaker Now Supports Stereo Pairing, Multi-Room Audio


When Apple launched the HomePod in February of this year, early users squawked in equal measures about its unbelievable audio capabilities and the fact that it was a WiFi-connected smart speaker that didn't "talk" to other speakers. Its limits, not just around stereo pairing and multi-room audio but also around some basic voice commands, established it early on as a $349 product that only true Apple fans or audiophiles should consider. But Apple promised then that key updates were in the works for HomePod, that super impressive sound machine built into a body like a soft roll of toilet paper. Now, a week ahead of its giant annual software conference, those key updates have come. HomePod is still one of the more expensive smart speakers in its class, and Apple doesn't plan to offer any kind of bundle deal on the hardware.

Apple's HomePod sounds great: First Look

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Apple's new HomePod speaker, coming at the end of the year, has deep rich sound that blows the Amazon Echo and Google Home out of the water. Apple developers debuted their new home device which features Siri and Apple Music at the WWDC Conference in San Francisco, California. After spending time listening to several songs on the HomePod here at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference here, I, was wowed. But that doesn't mean Apple will have an easy time of it. Sales of high-end audio have never been a consumer electronics topper.

Apple HomePods will now work in stereo — but you'll have to buy two

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The new Apple HomePod is displayed at an Apple Store on Feb. 9, 2018 in San Francisco. NEW YORK -- "Hey Siri, play jazz in the living room, hip-hop in the kitchen." Apple's HomePod speaker is getting a little bit smarter today, through a software update that arrives via iOS 11. Smarter, that is, when it comes to playing music. For starters, you now have the ability to "pair" two HomePods for a full stereo effect, with the left and right speakers playing the left and right audio channels accordingly, and independently adjusting to where you place them.