Cognitive 101: A Story of What is Cognitive Computing


At the On Point Summit, Chitra Dorai, IBM Fellow, opened with a beautiful story. In 2013, I remember watching IBM's Watson beat two human champions on Jeopardy in real time. In 2014, I remember taking a few of my clients to meet IBM's Watson. I watched her be asked and answer questions in real-life. It was unbelievable to see technology respond correctly to human questions -- as any human genius would.

IBM and Sesame cognitive vocabulary learning app


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Cognitive Computing - IBM Research


Humans are on the cusp of augmenting their lives in extraordinary ways with AI. At IBM Research Labs around the globe, we envision and develop next-generation systems that work side-by side with humans, accelerating our ability to create, learn, make decisions and think. We also architect the future of Watson, which has evolved from an IBM Research project to the world's first and most-advanced AI platform. Whether exploring new technical capabilities, collaborating on ethical practices or applying Watson technology to cancer research, financial decision-making, oil exploration or educational toys, IBM Research is shaping the future of AI.

What is cognitive computing and how does it impact your future


You might have probably heard about the artificial intelligence being developed by some big researchers around the world. The current period of era is also about creating technology that not only process faster, but also works efficiently just like the human brain. The innovation in such technologies has given rise to cognitive computing, which nothing but another miracle innovative development by a human brain to let the machine learn just like human being. Recently, IBM with its new cognitive system called as IBM Watson have entered into the segment of artificial learning to make system that is capable of learning and understanding knowledge to interact with human in a more natural way. The cognitive computing is a self-learning technology platform that uses data mining and pattern recognition to simulate itself in a way that human brain works.