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UCI Prof Joins Acacia in Restaurant Robotics


A Chicago hospitality company has joined Acacia Research Corp. in an investment in a Pasadena-based robotics maker for the restaurant industry, and a University of California-Irvine professor has joined that firm's advisory board.

Age of the restauroids: Will robots become a reality in restaurants?


While it's a bit premature to start fearing for your job just yet, robots are on the rise in the restaurant sector. The US' influential National Restaurant Association show in Chicago featured three robots this year: a sushi bot that can make 3,600 pieces of nigiri per hour; a vending-machine-style robot that makes bespoke salads and a robotic fry cook. More impressively, over in Japan, Pizza Hut is trialling a robotic waiter called Pepper. If the promotional video is to be believed, the 3ft humanoid is extremely sophisticated, verbally interacting with diners in much the same way as a human being. It can even respond to questions about dietary requirements, giving info on calorie counts and fat content.

Meet White Castle's new robot chef, Flippy


Move over human grill cooks, White Castle is teaming up with Miso Robotics to test an automated sous-chef. The aptly named Flippy--an AI-enabled kitchen assistant--is set to join the staff at a Chicago-area burger joint for a trial run that could usher in a new era of robot hash slingers. Since its unveiling in 2018, Flippy has cooked more than 40,000 pounds of fried food--including 9,000 sandwiches at LA's Dodger Stadium, the Arizona Diamondbacks' Chase Field, and two CaliBurger locations, where it works alongside humans to increase productivity and consistency. "I think automation is here to stay and this is the first example of a really large credible player starting down that journey," Miso Robotics CEO Buck Jordan told TechCrunch of the White Castle collab. Engineers are working to install the latest version of Flippy at an undisclosed location in Chicago, where the mechanical fry cook will be integrated into the restaurant's point-of-sale system, allowing it to get to work as soon as an order is placed.

Amazon's checkout-free experiment could come to larger grocery stores


Amazon's cashier-less shopping tech could come to a full supermarket. As reported by the Wall Street Journal, the tech giant is experimenting with its Amazon Go technology at a larger store. SEE ALSO: What it's like to shop at Amazon Go At the company's seven Amazon Go stores in Seattle, Chicago, and San Francisco, shoppers scan in with their mobile devices, then pick their product and walk out. The technology uses a mix of computer vision, sensor fusion and deep learning to register what you're buying, then charges your Amazon account when you leave. According to sources who spoke to the news outlet, Amazon is testing its technology at a space in Seattle, which has been arranged like a large store.

Amazon job ads reveal plans for cashierless Go store in New York

Daily Mail - Science & tech

Amazon is to open a branch of its radical'Amazon Go' cashierless store in New York The store was revealed through a series of job postings spotted by The Information. The firm recently opened a second location in Seattle, and has previously said it hopes to open stores in Chicago and San Francisco. The plans for the New York store were revealed through a series of job postings spotted by The Information. 'On Thursday night, the internet retailer posted at least four job listings related to an Amazon Go store in the New York area,' The Information said. 'The listings seek candidates for a store manager, an assistant store manager, a learning and development manager, and a training lead associate.'