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Forrester Research: What we see coming for the channel in 2018


SaaS had a major impact on the way companies consume cloud services. This ebook looks at how the as a service trend is spreading and transforming IT jobs. As channel software becomes increasingly critical to firms' ability to win, retain, and serve their customers, we've identified eight key predictions that will impact the channel in 2018. With blockbuster mergers on the partner-facing side like Autotask-Datto and on the vendor-facing side such as Relayware-Zift, we are seeing a new trend where point solutions across different categories are combining to create a more holistic, horizontal approach to the channel software industry. It is about time that these sectors receive attention from Wall Street because 75 percent of world trade flows indirectly.

IT Industry Outlook 2020


A t the beginning of a new decade, these lines from the play Inherit the Wind seem as appropriate for the technology industry as they did for the debate over evolution taking place in the drama. The tech industry is faced with a tricky balancing act: continuing to drive innovative solutions while grappling with the side effects of those solutions in the global economy. The challenge itself is not unique--every industry deals with this tension as it becomes more mature--but the new variables here are the scale that tech is able to achieve and the evolutionary aspect of mixing digital and physical worlds. It's time for the industry to take the next step. There are tremendous benefits available through technology for both business and society, but there are major questions around safety, privacy, sustainability, and trust. The answers to these questions come from combining technical expertise with social awareness. By embracing responsibility for all the changes innovation can bring, the tech industry can be responsible for driving future progress. Learn how people are re-envisioning the functions, processes, and best practices for infrastructure, development, security, and data in their organizations. The IT channel is in flux. This report highlights where today's providers see opportunities and challenges, embrace new technologies, and react to new rivals. This research explores the relevance of technology to SMBs and the factors affecting perceptions, decisions, and investments in established and emerging technologies. Thanks to the vast influx of user-friendly technologies, it has become popular to say that every company is a tech company. But the ubiquity of technology does not necessarily change the underlying business model. While digital transformation is creating new avenues for growth, companies are finding that they cannot simply slap tech labels on their products and practices and automatically reap benefits. On one end of the spectrum, this takes the shape of larger companies going public and struggling with the realities of their industry.

5 Banking Tech Trends for 2017 - Chris Skinner's blog


Without a doubt, 2016 was the year'disruption' became tangible. Events like Brexit, the U.S. election and India's demonetization exercise brought home the reality we are living in a fast-changing global society where a sense of anti-establishment and rebellion is accelerating change. This shows no sign of stopping in 2017, with new technologies allowing banks to offer service levels more synonymous with hospitality than financial services, and with established technologies like artificial intelligence and robotic process automation seeing a resurgence in combination with new voice commerce models, IoT data, and robo advisors to offer more personal, more contextual and ultimately unique banking experiences for each and every one of us. In meeting with decision-making executives from the U.S to Europe, the Middle East, India and Singapore, I have compiled a clear list of trends that are dominating technology investment discussions across the globe's leading banks. In 2016 we already saw several leaders' like DBS, Santander, Wells Fargo and Bank of America roll out their chatbots, but 2017 is the year when the rebirth of this very old technology will come into its own.

Channel predictions: Opportunities in AI, hybrid cloud, edge and security


No one really knows how this year will unfold but it's fair to say that most of the trends of 2019 - digital transformation, consolidation and an increased movement towards AI - will continue. To try and get a sense of what some of those operating in the channel expect we pooled together some of the predictions that have been made about the 12 months ahead. The firm has enjoyed channel growth in the last year with the launch of its "with Veeam" programme and the addition of hybrid cloud partners coming on board. The vendor is predicting more opportunities for partners thanks to the ongoing needs of customers. "Organisations of all kinds are now considering cloud services. It's no surprise as the efficiency, scalability and cost savings can be extremely compelling. But it's one thing for customers to be aware, but another thing to have an understanding of what solution is the best fit for them. We're focused on helping our customers understand the need to make sure their Cloud Data Management strategy can handle all parts of the deployment they might be using. It's only then that the cost benefits of moving to the cloud can be fully experienced," said Alex Walsh, manager of channels UK&I at Veeam.

How to offer cyber security services


Cybersecurity is a primary consideration for the channel, and needs to look beyond basic security protection tools such as antivirus, malware protection, and anti-ransomware software. Despite this, there are still those that harbour distorted views on cybersecurity. Frequently, simply starting the conversation about providing cybersecurity can make channel organisations unfamiliar with it, feel very uneasy. Accumulated misconceptions have led to beliefs that providing cyber security is a job which requires reading high-level code, vigilante heroism and the task of taking on the world's hackers and shut down'The Matrix.' In reality, the only similarity to any sci-fi film is that reality is fairly dull in comparison.