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Lower-income kids spend more time watching TV

Daily Mail - Science & tech

Children in lower-income families spend more time watching TV and using electronic devices than kids in more affluent homes, according to a survey released Thursday.

Parents who want kids to get off their phones should look in the mirror first

Washington Post - Technology News

Want to get your kids off their phones and back into the real world? A new study suggests that before you launch into the lecture about how you only see the tops of their heads these days, you may want to take stock of what your own technology habits are telling your kids. Parents are spending an average of 9 hours and 22 minutes with screen media per day, the study found -- and only an hour and a half of that is for work. That means parents use their devices overall as much as their teens and tween. In fact the average parent spends about a half-hour more each day in the glow of screens than the average teen, excluding school or time spent with homework.

Parents Spend As Much Time on Screens As Teenagers

TIME - Tech

Parents of tweens and teens spend about nine hours per day using screens, according to a new report. And though they express many concerns about their kids' relationships to technology--worrying that it keeps them from physical exercise or that they may become addicted to their phones--the vast majority also see themselves as modeling good behavior for their children and see technology as a force for good in their children's lives. The report comes from Common Sense, an organization dedicated to supporting the development of children in the digital age. Though their researchers have issued several reports on kids' exposure to media, this study is their first foray into looking at parents' habits and attitudes. And the director of research, Michael Robb, thinks it is "fair to say" that the adults appear to have their noses in their phones just as much as their 13- to 18-year-olds.

The Truth About Parenting In A World Full Of Screens

Forbes - Tech

Why Samsung May Release A Foldable Smartphone Next Year -- Even If It Won't Make Them Any Money Common Sense Media just released "The Common Sense Census: Plugged-in Parents of Teens and Tweens." This interesting survey of 1,786 nationally representative parents, provides a picture of what parents really think about raising kids in a world of ubiquitous screen media. According to the report, parents spend more than nine hours a day with their screens, which doesn't really surprise me when I consider my own habits. The time I dedicate to writing involves sitting in front of screen. The time I spend researching includes taking notes with a screen.

When it comes to screen time, parents are poor role models for kids

PBS NewsHour

HARI SREENIVASAN: We have spent our share of time looking at how kids and teens spend time with their screens. Now there's a new survey that finds their parents have some of the same habits. The study, which asked for feedback from 1,700 parents of children age 8 to 18, found adults spending more than nine hours a day themselves looking at video screens. Yet, even as they are worried about how much time their children spend watching screens, nearly 80 percent of parents felt they were good role models for their kids when it came to this. Jim Steyer is the founder and CEO of Common Sense Media, which conducted the survey.