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Trump's plan would increase taxes for millions in middle class

The Japan Times

WASHINGTON – President-elect Donald Trump's proposals would modestly cut income taxes for most middle-class Americans. But for nearly 8 million families -- including a majority of single-parent households -- the opposite would occur: They would pay more. Most married couples with three or more children would also pay higher taxes, an analysis by the nonpartisan Tax Policy Center found. And while middle-class families as a whole would receive tax cuts of about 2 percent, those would be dwarfed by the windfalls averaging 13.5 percent for America's richest 1 percent. Trump's campaign rhetoric had promoted the benefits of his proposals for middle-income Americans.

Parent Anxiety, Screen Time And Learning In The Digital Age

NPR Technology

"If I can get them out the door with pants on, I feel like we've won the day." A lot of parents can probably relate to those words from a stressed out dad, who's trying to deal with big issues of parenting amid the normal chaos of just getting them to school. He was one of more than a dozen parents who joined us one night to talk about parenting in the digital age. We wanted to know: How do you make sense of all the latest research on a topic like screen time and somehow fit it into daily family life? Considering how tough it can be to just get through Monday, that's a tall order.

What Kind of Screen Time Parent Are You? Take This Quiz And Find Out

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Almost as soon as they can focus past the end of their noses, babies today are waving at Grandpa on video chat and swiping the screens on all kinds of devices.

Detroit Parent Collective Gives Working Parents Options

U.S. News

"I know I want this to be sustainable and be able to continue to grow," she said. "I've had so many people say we'll send you so much money or we'll be a partner with you in your business venture, but I knew that if I wanted to be true to what folks are asking for in the community I had to do it alone, just because I know my intention, I know my heart, I know the mission of what I saw for this space based off folks in the community, and I didn't want to have any other influences that could change that thinking."

Woman Charged With Embezzling From Parent Teacher Group

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Police charged 41-year-old Jeni Shean, of Maine, with second-degree larceny Nov. 18. Authorities launched an investigation after they received a complaint from the Winchester Parent Teacher Organization in May about discrepancies in their records.