'Three black teenagers' Google search sparks outrage

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A screenshot of Google image search results for'three black teenagers.' SAN FRANCISCO -- Google image searches for "three black teenagers" and "three white teenagers" get very different results, raising troubling questions about how racial bias in society and the media is reflected online. Kabir Alli, an 18-year-old graduating senior from Clover Hill High School in Midlothian, Va., posted a video clip on Twitter this week of a Google image search for "three black teenagers" which turned up an array of police mugshots. He and friends then searched for "three white teenagers," and found groups of smiling young people. "I had actually heard about this search from one of my friends and just wanted to see everything for myself.

3 ways to search the web without Google

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Columnist Kim Komando reviews three search engines that tout their privacy settings. A link has been sent to your friend's email address. Columnist Kim Komando reviews three search engines that tout their privacy settings.

Google image search: Here's why the View Image button just vanished


Google has removed the'View Image' button in image search results, eliminating a simple way for users to see an image in isolation from the page it was sourced from. The seemingly small change has implications for many users since it makes it more difficult to save high-resolution images straight from image search results. The change is related to last week's announcement by Getty Images of a new multi-year licensing partnership with Google. Getty Image's iStock announced that Google had agreed to make its image search copyright disclaimer more prominent and remove the View Image button. The photo agency last year filed a competition complaint with the European Commission accusing Google of promoting piracy because its image search results included large, high-resolution images.

Infographic: Google: The Most Popular Search on Bing


The beleaguered search engine with dreams of world domination never really had a chance against its all-conquering competitor, Google. Adding insult to injury, analysis by SEO experts Ahrefs has revealed that in 2019, the search Bing is most often tasked with is pointing its disloyal users in the direction of'google'. As of July, the search engine dealt with 44.4 million such queries from around the world, far more than the second most frequent - 'youtube' was searched for 33.3 million times. In another blow for Bing's owner Microsoft, the fifth most common search was people looking for help with Windows 10.