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ZipLine's new innovative drone, weighing 20kg with a payload of 1.75 kg applies for US trial. This drone can drop its delivery to an area about the size of two parking spaces. Zipline also revealed that this aircraft will make about 500 deliveries every day, and this firm has now applied to take part in a trial organized by the US FAA. "This new aircraft, with a 10m wing span, can fly dramatically further than the more traditional quad-copter design," says Keenan Wyrobek, Founder of Zipline. This aircraft has a top speed of 128km/h and can do a round trip of 160km.

Zipline Expands Its Medical Delivery Drones Across East Africa

IEEE Spectrum Robotics

While Amazon and United Parcel Service pour considerable resources into finding ways of using drones to deliver such things as shoes and dog treats, Zipline has been saving lives in Rwanda since October 2016 with drones that deliver blood. Zipline's autonomous fixed-wing drones now form an integral part of Rwanda's medical-supply infrastructure, transporting blood products from a central distribution center to hospitals across the country. And in 2018, Zipline's East African operations will expand to include Tanzania, a much larger country.

UPS, Zipline strike deal with Rwandan government for drone delivery


Crowded airspace and complicated regulations have so far stalled drone deliveries in the United States, but in Rwanda -- where the flight paths are clearer and the red tape a little thinner -- drones are ready for takeoff courtesy of a partnership between UPS, Zipline and Gavi. The Rwandan government has signed a deal with the California-based robotics company Zipline to make its country the first ever to use a drone delivery system on a national scale. Zipline is partnering with the UPS Foundation and Gavi, the nonprofit vaccine alliance, to execute its plan to make up to 150 drone deliveries per day of live-saving blood to 21 health facilities across a broad swath of the western portion of Rwanda. The plan combines Zipline's resilient drone design with the supply chain expertise of UPS and Gavi's experience delivering vaccines to all parts of the world. The deliveries are promised to make it to the designated health facilities in around 30 minutes -- orders of magnitude faster than it takes now.

Zipline launches the world's fastest commercial delivery drone

MIT Technology Review

A couple of years ago, Zipline created a national drone delivery system to ship blood and drugs to remote medical centers in Rwanda. Now it has developed what it claims is the world's swiftest commercial delivery drone, with a top speed of 128 kilometers an hour (a hair shy of 80 miles per hour). Zipline is hoping its new fixed-wing aerial robot, which is both speedier and easier to maintain than its predecessor, will help it win business in an industry that's attracted plenty of big players. They include Amazon, which has been testing its Prime Air drone delivery service for years in the UK and elsewhere, and Project Wing, part of Alphabet's secretive X lab, which is using its drones to deliver pharmaceuticals and burritos in a pilot project in Australia. Soon these and other companies will be able to experiment more in America, too.

Zipline Drones Delivering Blood To Hospitals In Rwanda [Video]

International Business Times

Drones have taken the world by storm. Since their commercial inception, they started dotting the skies and raised privacy concerns across the United States and United Kingdom. But in the remote regions of Rwanda, they are used to save lives.