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Spotify begins testing in-app polls for podcast episodes


Just a couple of months after rolling out video podcasts and charts for its most popular podcasts, Spotify has yet another podcasting feature to unveil: polls. Spotify says its new polling feature for podcasts is a test, and that it will roll out for "most" Spotify users starting today, while all Spotify users will get the feature shortly thereafter. The new polls appear directly in the Spotify app, either on the relevant podcast episode page or on the "Now Playing" screen. The questions and answers will come from the actual podcasters. A sample question from The Rewatchables is "Which of these is the best Fincher film?," with the answers ranging from Se7en and Fight Club to Zodiac and The Social Network.

Spotify counters Apple with its own podcast subscription plan


Almost immediately following Apple's announcement of a paid podcast subscription platform last week, reports began to circulate that Spotify would soon announce details on a service of its own. The company said it would test paid subscriptions back in February, but today it made things official. Spotify has announced a paid subscription platform that allows podcasters to charge extra for exclusive content. The big difference this and what Apple has proposed is that Spotify won't take a cut for the first two years except for transaction fees. And when it does ask for its share, it will only demand five percent of the revenue.

Spotify kicks off a podcast subscription service to rival Apple's


Barely a week after Apple unveiled a paid subscription program for podcasters, Spotify is now launching its own, complete with sweeter terms and--eventually--a larger base of potential subscribers. Listeners will have to jump through more hoops to hit the "subscribe" button. Available through its Anchor podcasting platform, Spotify's paid subscription service lets podcasters charge either $2.99, $4.99, or $7.99 a month for their shows. More enticingly, content creators will be able to keep 100 percent of their subscriber revenue for next two years, although they'll be on the hook for transaction fees. Spotify says it will start collecting 5 percent of podcast subscription revenue in 2023.

Spotify launches two new trending podcast charts

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Swedish streaming giant Spotify is making it easier to find trending and top podcasts with the release of two new charts in the iOS and Android mobile app. The Top Podcasts charts will list the 200 most popular shows in the selected region or category, while Trending Podcasts will display the top 50 'rapidly rising shows'. Spotify has released both'Top' and'Tending' across 26 markets, including the UK, the US, Mexico, Brazil, Sweden, Germany and Australia. The Top and Trending charts will help listeners categorise and discover their new favourites and give them'a handful of options' when on the hunt for a new show. Trending Podcasts include the'fastest-climbing of-the-moment trends' and uses an algorithm that allows users to discover newly-launched shows Users can find the Top Podcasts and Trending Podcast charts on the Spotify app on their phone (iOS and Android).

Podcast Listeners Really Are the Holy Grail Advertisers Hoped They'd Be


The public radio producer had started a podcast as a side project in early 2017, and the exploration of her experience as a Pakistani-American immigrant had taken off faster than she'd ever imagined, making its way to the top 50 in the Society & Culture category on Apple's Podcasts chart and attracting some big-name advertisers. But the same question that has long plagued many podcasters nagged at the back of Euceph's head: Were people actually listening all the way through her show? Were the "midroll" ads that played throughout an episode breaking up the narrative? When she finally got detailed data on how people listened to Beginner, would she have to rethink the way she structured her show?