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Why you should buy the new Amazon Fire TV Stick, even if the old one's still great

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The Amazon Fire TV Stick has just been treated to an upgrade, pushing the best cheap streaming device on the market even further ahead of the competition. It was launched in the US some time ago, but has only just come to the UK, and brings with it a number of improvements that make it well worth buying, even if you already own an Amazon Fire TV Stick. Its headline feature is support for Alexa, Amazon's excellent voice assistant. This doesn't just enable users to track down TV shows, films and apps much, much faster than ever just by speaking to the voice-controlled remote, but also to accurately control playback without having to fiddle with any buttons. The I.F.O. is fuelled by eight electric engines, which is able to push the flying object to an estimated top speed of about 120mph.

The selfie stick is so over: this is how we're filming ourselves hands-free now


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Amazon launches Fire TV Stick in India


Now that Amazon has put its content catalog in place for Prime Video users in India, the company is ready to expand its ecosystem. On Wednesday, the company announced that it is bringing the Fire TV Stick to India, only the fifth market for the miniature streaming device. The company is offering the Fire TV Stick at a price point of Rs 3,999 ($60), with Prime subscribers getting an additional $7.5 discount. The Chromecast rival, the Fire TV Stick, offers a range of additional services including built-in apps. Amazon says users can find entertainment apps such as EROS TV, Netflix, Gaana on the device.

Watch a Human Try to Fight Off Boston Dynamics' Door-Opening Robot Dog


Hey, remember that dog-like robot, SpotMini, that Boston Dynamics showed off last week, the one that opened a door for its robot friend? Well, the company just dropped a new video starring the canine contraption. In this week's episode, a human with a hockey stick does everything in his power to stop the robot from opening the door, including tugging on the machine, which struggles in an ... unsettling manner. The dogbot wins and gets through the door anyway.

This bendable, cordless stick vacuum by Shark is on sale for less than $200 at Walmart


Stick vacuums have a special way of making vacuuming suck way less. They're light, can be stored basically anywhere, and can fit into places that the chunky ones can't even attempt. Dyson's V-series vacuums usually lead the pack, but there's one thing they can't do: However, Shark is in the year 3019 with their ION series vacuum design, as it literally bends like an elbow to clean in those deep spots under furniture without you sitting on the floor. Cramped apartments, homes packed with furniture, or messy kids rooms with toy-covered floors can't use just any vacuum -- they need a vacuum that's totally controllable with versatility to fit into the most awkward of spots. Regardless of the spot, the bristle brush gives your carpets a deep clean while adapting to the type of mess with Shark's Smart Response technology.