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Lighthouse's AI-powered security camera is now shipping


Lighthouse's intelligent 3D security camera was supposed to ship in September, but now it's finally available for purchase. The camera is priced at $299. At checkout, you can choose either a $10/month AI service plan (with a 90-day free trial) or a lifetime plan of $200, with no further payments required.

AI-powered smartphone cameras are changing the way we see reality

New Scientist

THE phrase "the camera never lies" has never been so wrong. Artificially intelligent smartphones are now editing pictures in real time to create images that can't be produced by conventional cameras. These enhancements, known as computational photography, are changing the way we view the world. The goal of digital photography was once to approximate what our eyes see. "All digital cameras, including ones on smartphones, have always had some sort of processing to modify contrast …

Artificially Intelligent (AI) Cameras Track Social Distancing - GreatLearning


While each country is working its way around curbing the outbreak of the Coronavirus through quarantines, lock-downs, social distancing and more, technologies like Artificial Intelligence are becoming beyond useful to monitor and respond to the crisis. Artificial Intelligence has assisted in various ways to fight COVID-19, including diagnosis of the disease, accelerated research, development of drugs, and vaccinations out of the many. However, considering that social distancing has been recognised as a fundamental measure to slow down the spread of the pandemic, an Indian tech company has developed a thermal-vision AI-powered camera that not only measures forehead temperatures but also detects facemask and social distancing violations. Developed by Vehant Technologies -- a pioneer in AIML based physical security, surveillance and traffic monitoring solutions, FebriEye deals with a thermal screening system specifically created with analytics that monitor facemask and social distancing. This AI-powered camera will prove to be useful at entrances to public events, airports, metro stations, manufacturing plants, buildings, hotels, commercial complexes, shopping malls, as well as gated societies.

Integrating AI-powered security in a home with kids


The latest AI-powered home security technology is smarter than ever before, but can you really trust a robot with your family's security? Privacy is the main concern for most people, so doing your homework on a home security system before you trust it to protect your kids is essential. Luckily, the best AI home security systems have features and safeguards to keep your family safe and secure while integrating seamlessly with your wired-in lifestyle.

Keep an eye on your home from afar with this affordable AI-powered security camera


TL;DR: Keep your home safe with this Blurams Home Pro Indoor Security Camera, available for $37.99 as of Aug. 18. Whether you're finally leaving your house more often or casually retreating back inside after your brief stint out in the world, you probably consider your home your safe haven after the last year plus. Not to mention, there's a good chance your office now resides in your home as well. To protect your precious space and those inside it, it's not a bad idea to invest in a security camera. There's no need to pay a ton of money to keep an eye on your home -- especially since the Blurams Home Pro Indoor Security Camera is on sale.